Core Digital Media Taps Diffusion as PR AOR to Build Industry Position for New Product, WalletJoy  

by | Jan 15, 2020

Core Digital Media, a digital media and marketing company based out of Los Angeles, has selected Diffusion as its North American public relations agency of record to elevate awareness and establish a market position for its latest digital media product, WalletJoy. WalletJoy is a new kind of online personal finance marketplace, aimed at offering practical and impactful financial advice for life’s most important moments. Diffusion’s campaign, serviced from both its New York City and Los Angeles offices, will help establish brand awareness and a growing audience for WalletJoy—all while positioning the new website as a refreshing option in the congested personal finance space.

To immediately establish greater brand recognition, credibility and traffic for WalletJoy, Diffusion will facilitate a series of data-driven reports highlighting the emotional consequences financial stress can cause during what should be life’s most joyful moments. Diffusion’s earned coverage will aid the new site in both driving traffic and substantiating it with trust and credibility among media and consumers. Also underwriting the campaign is a 2020 influencer program, collaborating with social media finance influencers to offer their own unique perspectives in partnership with WalletJoy site content.

WalletJoy is a new personal finance destination for individuals of all ages and experience levels to access tailored financial advice in a non-intimidating and practical way. With the recognition that most major life moments tend to also come with large price tags, WalletJoy offers guides created by financial experts to give readers a holistic and informed view of their financial options for moments such as planning a wedding, handling holiday expenses, having a child and more.

Yvette Ramos, Senior Vice President of Marketing, WalletJoy, commented: “We’re experiencing a period of growing household debt nationally, and a lack of basic financial knowledge among younger generations. While few people eagerly peruse online financial advice on a day-to-day basis without any reason, when big life moments like planning a wedding or a having a child come up, Americans need practical advice and often struggle to find it cohesively and from credible sources. Our mission is to make sure these special experiences can remain joyful, allowing people to make the smartest financial decisions for themselves and their situation. Diffusion proved to us that they not only understood and believed in this core sentiment, but that they knew how to communicate it too.”

Ivan Ristic, CEO and cofounder, Diffusion, commented: “WalletJoy’s approach to financial guidance immediately resonated with us as a better way to educate consumers on spending and budgeting—and when you think of it, why would you want that advice any other way? It’s fresh take on the personal finance marketplace of offering tailored financial guidance around powerful and emotional life moments, which poses massive opportunity on the PR front. We knew we could design a campaign bringing the brand front and center, positioning them as an original, approachable voice in a space that can be intimidating for consumers.”

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