Curiscope Retains Child’s Play Communications, Expanding Agency’s Family-Tech Practice

by | Aug 15, 2018

Child’s Play Communications, the public relations agency specializing in promoting kids’ products and consumer technology, announced the addition of UK-based Curiscope as a client.

Curiscope is using Augmented Reality to transform the way children learn about – and learn to love — science. Its mission: to provide extraordinary experiences that enable kids to discover and explore the unexplorable.
Child’s Play will be responsible for managing media relations to launch and support the brand in the U.S. Its inaugural product, the Virtuali-tee, is an Augmented Reality t-shirt that allows children to learn about the human body…on a human body. After downloading the free Virtuali-Tee app, they simply point their phone or tablet at the t-shirt to open a portal to another realm – the fascinating world under our skin. The app lets kids explore the circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems and view 360° videos for a completely immersive – and entirely engrossing – experience.

“We think the Virtuali-tee is a terrifically innovative product,” said Child’s Play president, Stephanie Azzarone. “We love that Curiscope is using AR to inspire children to love science, and we’re excited to have Curiscope join our growing roster of tech clients.”

The agency launched a family-tech practice several years ago, and has represented an array of companies in that space including littleBits, Primo Toys, Sphero, Bowhead Technology, Pai Technology, Urban Hello, Boolean Girl Tech and more. Child’s Play is also the creator of the Kids & Family Tech Expo, the only media event exclusively for tech products designed for children and parents, and recently launched Seriously STEM, a first-of-its-kind awards program for toys promoting learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

With a presence in over 1,000 schools and 100 countries, Curiscope is on a mission to emphasize the “S” in STEM and dramatically impact kids’ interest in science education.

“We started Curiscope with the belief that modern technology would let us reimagine how we learn difficult science concepts,” said Curiscope CEO and co-founder, Ed Barton. “Augmented Reality lets us do things we otherwise couldn’t do and explore things in ways we otherwise couldn’t explore.

“With the Virtuali-Tee and a smartphone, kids everywhere can take an anatomical adventure that brings learning to life. We’re looking forward to partnering with Child’s Play’s to spread the word across the U.S.”

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