Data Axle announces partnership with PUBLITECH

by | Apr 19, 2021

Data Axle, a leading provider of data and real-time intelligence solutions, announced today a partnership with PUBLITECH, a leader in developing web marketing platforms and solutions for small and large businesses which includes managing business listings in leading online search directories. This partnership offers PUBLITECH access to Data Axle’s Local Listings platform, where the company can add, update, and manage all information about their clients’ businesses from a single, intuitive interface. This business information is then automatically pushed to online search directories, navigation applications, and virtual assistants.

PUBLITECH’S customers now benefit from a much broader distribution of their business listing information across leading publishers. Data Axle’s stringent data validation process means that higher quality data is delivered to a growing pool of publishers. In addition, Data Axle ensures individual business listings stand out by sharing rich content across search directories, including business description, photos of the business, website, social media links, and more without having to manage each of those components individually.

“PUBLITECH has been helping businesses increase their reach for over 20 years and what better partner for us than Data Axle with its 45+ years of experience in data compilation and management,” said Erica Ayvazian, Director of Business Development and Intelligence at PUBLITECH. “Data Axle’s Local Listings solution offers unprecedented range of publishers that our clients’ business information can be pushed to.”

“Now more than ever businesses have to be diligent about ensuring they can be found wherever their prospects are searching –on the web, in their car, or via their virtual assistants,” said Data Axle’s Doug Parsonage, Vice President of Business Development. “We’re thrilled to partner with PUBLITECH to power their LOCALTRAC listing management solution and make it easy for them to distribute key location details about a business to these critical outlets.”

To learn more about Data Axle’s Local Listings solution, visit

PUBLITECH is a business leader with over 20+ years of experience in developing digital marketing platforms that is dedicated to solving and delivering advanced business solutions for small business, midsize and enterprise organizations. Their expert-guided approach and innovative proprietary platforms stimulate performances that promote customer acquisition, retention and engagement.  As a fast-growing firm powering over 200 brands, PUBLITECH is continuously investing in leading technology, key partnerships and top talent to help businesses thrive with their local and relational marketing goals.  Its channel strength reaches customers across North America and Europe.

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