Disruptive Marketing Platform Surkus Launches in the UAE

by | Oct 7, 2019

Surkus, a multi-sided experiential marketing platform offering members exclusive access to paid events and offers in exchange for engagement, has made its debut in the Middle East and is now live in the United Arab Emirates. This follows international roll-out in markets including the US and Hong Kong with over 750,000 engaged members around the world.

With its innovative global marketing vision Surkus, which first launched in LA in 2015, aims to reduce wasted ad spend which can be crippling for SMEs and businesses. The revolutionary engagement app, created to bridge the gap between businesses and customers with the transparency and efficiency that is often lacking in the advertising and marketing industry, is now available to people, SMEs and brands across the United Arab Emirates.

Members in the USA, Hong Kong and UAE can now enjoy access to live music events, fitness classes, luxury dining experiences, wellness sessions, beauty treatments and more by engaging with the Surkus app.

Headquartered in the UAE’s capital Abu Dhabi, Surkus joins Hub71, a startup ecosystem offering new ventures support in rolling out their offering across the Middle East. Strategically placed only a 6-hour flight away from almost every capital in the world and some 40% of the world’s population, the Abu Dhabi regional headquarters will be key in supporting Surkus’s growth globally.

Speaking about the launch into the region, Stephen George, Surkus CEO, said: “Hub71 has enabled young startups like Surkus to enter the MENA market with a wealth of opportunities. Their support has made it possible for us to launch in the region at this early stage, accelerating our expansion internationally.”

Experiential marketing can often feel foreign to SMEs, a concept associated with giant brands and global players. With its accessible platform, Surkus gives SMEs and businesses the tools they need to amplify their marketing strategy, delivering maximum results.

Traditional methods of marketing lean heavily on discounting which can be damaging to brands. As an effective solution, Surkus asks its partner brands to rewards access to its members based upon the completion of engagement tasks set by a brand.

George believes Surkus will help boost local businesses around the world with its innovative app stating: “We want to bring performance-based marketing, dynamic pricing and advertising transparency to every SME and business, providing a clear and efficient way to reach a hyper-engaged and relevant audience. And to give our members the chance to experience more locally and globally.”

Surkus, a young, global company, is creating its own infrastructure in regional headquarters around the world. Surkus will operate from regional headquarters with teams of talented and motivated individuals specializing in technology, finance, marketing and leadership joining the ranks to help push growth globally.

“At Surkus we believe there is a global talent that can build a global platform. With that in mind we are creating local, regional headquarters, out of which our teams will be based,” said George. “Our core leadership team will be stationed around the world to encourage growth and development in their local teams and regions.”

Surkus first launched in Los Angeles in 2015, followed by a second regional headquarters opening in Hong Kong early 2018. The platform is now live across multiple markets around the world with locations such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Singapore next on the list.

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