Ditto PR Opens First International Office in London, Announces Advisory Service Offering

by | Nov 4, 2019

Ditto PR announced the official opening of its first international office in London. Led by Steven Melfi, who prior served as Managing Director in Ditto’s Brooklyn headquarters, the London office will oversee Ditto’s pre-existing portfolio of international clients, serving as both a gateway for companies looking to penetrate U.S. markets and as a hub for those seeking more global awareness.

Founded in 2012, Ditto is a results-focused public relations firm that generates big, impactful awareness for companies by combining strategic counsel and creative thinking with scrappy, relentless execution. The agency was founded by Trey Ditto—a former reporter at The Associated Press and spokesperson for the Bush Administration—with the belief that the current PR model is broken and can be changed.

“We’ve always had international clients—ranging from Paris to Tel Aviv to China—and for the past two years, the demand for Ditto internationally grew to a point where we had to set up an overseas office,” Ditto said. “And they are all asking for the same thing: how do I penetrate the U.S.? Because we are in Brooklyn, San Francisco and London, we are uniquely positioned to offer PR services that span three time zones of work. There aren’t many agencies our size that can do this.”

Ditto is modeled differently than traditional public relations firms, which rely on junior staffers to generate results for as many as 10 accounts at the same time while senior staff focus on billable hours. With a mantra of “less clients, more attention, bigger results,” the majority of Ditto is senior-level professionals who provide strategy and deliver top-tier results.

“As a central hub connecting East and West, London is the perfect city for Ditto to begin its overseas expansion. We have extensive experience working in its established and emerging sectors — from financial services and fintech to blockchain to insurtech—as well as a long history of introducing international clients into the U.S.,” said Melfi. “I’m excited to be bringing our scrappy Brooklyn attitude to London and look forward to growing the business abroad.”

The official opening of the London office also coincides with the launch of Ditto’s new Advisory and Consulting practice. Working with companies ranging from stealth start-ups to well-established companies in saturated markets, Ditto’s advisory offering provides clients with research-based market analysis to identify where opportunity exists for a company and best inform the public relations approach.

“Companies often come to us either already thinking they know what they want and put tactics ahead of planning. Others are thinking about engaging in PR for the first time, but aren’t sure if they’re ready,” Ditto stated. “Ditto’s Advisory and Consulting practice provides companies with analysis to better understand the market they are trying to penetrate, their competitors, customer behavior and media landscape, in order to create research-based communications plans that are more impactful because we’ve already identified exactly where opportunity exists for awareness.”

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