Eyeota appoints Rob Armstrong as Vice President of Product

by | Jan 13, 2021

Eyeota, a leading audience technology platform enabling the intelligent use of data, announced that Rob Armstrong has been appointed as Vice President of Product.

Internationally, enterprises and marketers are preparing for increased privacy regulation and the deprecation of third-party cookies and IDFA. Although the industry is evolving at an incredibly quick pace, the fundamentals of, and the need for, data as a cornerstone of marketing and advertising strategies have not changed. To maximize budgets in the wake of the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Eyeota will continue to guide its clients and partners through the evolution of the data industry. Under Armstrong’s leadership, Eyeota’s product suite will continue to address industry changes to provide the same complete access to high-quality and diverse data solutions and services today and in the future.

Armstrong is a proven product innovator with a ten-year track record of building high-performance organizations and driving the development of next-generation and disruptive marketing and advertising solutions with big data and artificial intelligence (AI). In this new role, he will be based in the United States and report directly to CEO and co-founder Kristina Prokop.

“I am extremely excited to have Rob join the team,” said Prokop. “His depth of experience and the innovative mindset he brings to the team will be a great asset to our business. He has been successfully building data products for over a decade and is a recognized thought-leader in the space.”

Eyeota has provided critical middleware solutions for the commerce of data within the ad industry for over a decade. Having already navigated GDPR and consent management as an EU domain expert, the business is in a prime position to lead the industry through the ongoing shifts happening across the world in privacy and compliance.

While the cookie may be crumbling, digital ad budgets and the demand for data to drive performance results and directional insights are stronger than ever. Eyeota has proven its position as an expert in managing both first- and third-party datasets and recognizes its future opportunity as a trusted and respected partner.

In 2021 and beyond, Eyeota will advance its core Eyeota Onboarding techniques, particularly with first-party data. The company will also continue to deepen its commitment to data quality and measurement while taking an agnostic approach to identity resolution. Armstrong will collaborate closely with teams across Eyeota’s global offices to ensure the company’s solutions provide the assurance of continuity for clients and stay ahead of the marketing industry’s evolution.

An entrepreneur, Armstrong previously co-founded lockr, a consumer-facing data and digital identity solution, as well as Bombora, the disruptive B2B data startup where he launched the industry’s first intent product for account-based marketing (ABM). He has also held executive product-focused roles with ShareThis, Madison Logic, and AD/FIN. Throughout his career, he has led the filing of 6 patents and 3 trademarks.

Armstrong said, “Beyond all the strengths of Eyeota’s core business and future outlook, what most attracted me to the role has been the leadership team and company culture. Eyeota is a highly collaborative and competent organization striving for continuous improvement with a genuine desire to ask hard questions, learn from mistakes and confidently move forward. ‘Character is destiny’ and I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to serve and collaborate with the Eyeota leadership team – Kristina Prokop, Anand Das, Howard Luks, Aaron Jackson and Marc Fanelli.”

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