Eyeota expands GfK onboarding agreement into new markets

by | Aug 19, 2020

Eyeota, a leading audience technology platform enabling the intelligent use of data, today announced an expanded data onboarding partnership with GfK, a global leader in using data analytics to deliver insights and actionable recommendations for key decisions about consumers and markets. Leveraging the Eyeota Onboarding solution, GfK can activate its offline data as digital audience profiles in a consistent fashion in New Zealand and Switzerland, enabling GfK data onboarding in a total of 17 countries.

Eyeota Onboarding is a privacy-compliant and globally-consistent offering that transforms offline data into scalable online audiences. The product uses propensity modeling to aggregate key offline customer attributes to geolocation and online user profiles to maximize the scale of data owners’ audiences.

GfK has more than 85 years of experience in combining data and science to help clients make better business decisions. Eyeota Onboarding equips GfK with the tools needed to bridge the connection between its offline audience insights and online activation. Partnering with Eyeota since 2016, GfK’s online audiences offer brands the ability to reach new customers, enhance marketing analytics, deepen insights and boost campaign performance across 17 countries — Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Czechia, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States.

Eyeota’s propensity modelling and geolocation matching approach expand the scale of GfK’s offline data by an average of 3,000 times. For example, in Spain GfK identifies 1,645 high purchasing power postcodes as “Affluent Spenders,” which Eyeota is able to scale by matching to 7.5 mil. corresponding unique online profiles.

With Eyeota, GfK empowers brands and marketers to elevate their analytics and insights using digital audience profiles built from GfK offline market research signals. Marketers create a stronger narrative about their target audience by overlapping and comparing digital profiles against a wider swath of customer data points. These audience insights are then leveraged for:

  • Campaign activation: Activate digital advertising campaigns across display, video and mobile.
  • Omnichannel optimization: Optimize social marketing efforts by including the digital audience profiles built from the offline data and behaviors.

“Eyeota’s unique solution to data onboarding enables us to deliver addressable digital audience profiles at scale consistently across Europe, Australia and the U.S.,” says Jascha Metin, Senior Sales Consultant at GfK. “We look forward to continuing our partnership leveraging Eyeota’s data expertise as we expand our audience offering into Switzerland and New Zealand.”

Eyeota Onboarding is available to any data owner who wants to activate their offline data and reach new customers in an online environment. Eyeota’s unique data onboarding methodology offers:

  • Global consistency: The same global methodology is used for data onboarding for the Americas, Asia and Europe.
  • Privacy-safety: The propensity modeling technology optimizes audiences based on customer attributes, not personally identifiable information (PII) like name, address and email, and aggregates customer attributes to a postcode level of 5 or more households, which guarantees it is compliant with international consumer-privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.
  • Flexibility: Eyeota Onboarding onboards and activates multiple and dispersed offline data source types — CRM, research, purchase, survey, as well as loyalty and rewards data.
  • Scale: Offline data is matched to Eyeota’s privacy compliant online user profiles using a geolocation match key that delivers large targetable digital audience profiles that exhibit the same attributes of existing customer base.
  • Control: Data owners retain full control over the accessibility of their digital audience profiles — choosing to activate within their own DSP, DMP and social networking channels, or monetizing through Eyeota’s global buying platform distribution network.

For brands, like GfK, Eyeota Onboarding optimizes digital marketing and business performance from offline data assets by making those insights available as scalable digital audience profiles.

“GfK is a proven leader in data intelligence and consumer insights whom we’ve been proud to help bring online for brands to leverage since 2016,” said Marc Fanelli, SVP, Strategic Partnerships and Global Data Supply at Eyeota. “Expanding our partnership into Switzerland and New Zealand means we can deliver even more localized offline consumer research insights as digital audience profiles to organizations for globally-consistent consumer targeting, a critical capability for multinational marketing campaigns.”

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