Flourish and Friends Raise Funds that Provide Medical Aid to 340 Indian Children Rescued from Slavery

by | Sep 15, 2021

Flourish, Greenville’s award-winning marketing, public relations, and events firm, recently partnered with global humanitarian non-profit organization Set Free Alliance and Distill sanitizing wipes to create and host a fundraiser designed to provide medical aid to children recently rescued from slavery in India. For every $10 raised, one child’s medical needs could be met for a month. Flourish raised $850 within a six-day period, resulting in more than 340 children being given medical care and supplies for a month.

Through Set Free Alliance’s innovative “Create Your Own Fundraiser,” flourish’s team offered each person who donated $10 a complimentary pack of Distill sanitizing wipes. Distill donated a total of 125 packs of its 50-count sanitizing wipes to the effort, allowing those who gave a way to keep themselves healthy while promoting the health of the critically underprivileged. The children reached through this effort include those who are taken away from their parents due to predatory lending practices within Indian villages that leads to loan default. The average loan that goes into default and results in a family losing their child is only $69US. Older girls are sent to brothels, while younger children become unpaid workers in mines and quarries.

“Often what we see when children are immediately rescued from these wretched conditions is that they need healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels,” explained Sarah Kelley, who serves as CEO of Set Free Alliance. “Our many partners on the ground in India help bring these children back to life through constant loving care, and ultimately, many of the kids are successfully reunited with their families, which is a key goal.”

“This was a no-brainer in terms of the level of impact we could make by simple means,” said Jamie Prince, founder of flourish. “Huge, overwhelming issues dominate our world – poverty, hunger, violence, illness – and it’s sometimes easy to slip into a mindset of ‘checking out’ because we think that we ourselves cannot possibly make a difference. Our six-day campaign with Set Free Alliance and Distill should prove that $10 can not only make a profound difference in a child’s life, but potentially lead to altering that child’s generational trajectory from one of enslavement to one of freedom.”

Those interested in creating their own fundraiser through Set Free Alliance can visit setfreealliance.org for more details.

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