Food Rescue Hero Selects Qorvis to Spearhead Campaign for National Expansion of Food Recovery Technology

by | Jan 14, 2019

The food-recovery nonprofit Food Rescue Hero signed Qorvis Communications to develop and execute a robust communications campaign as part of a national expansion of its Food Rescue Hero technology.

Food Rescue Hero develops innovative solutions to maximize the distribution of surplus food in urban regions where food waste and hunger are prominent. The nonprofit created an Uber-like app that civic groups and public-private partnerships can use to effectively distribute unsold food from retail stores and wholesalers to food banks, community kitchens, and other institutions.

“Qorvis is excited to help expand a technology that has the power to make a real impact on food insecurity,” said Qorvis Communications Founder and President Michael Petruzzello. “Each day we witness the great potential technology has to empower our society to tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues. Our firm looks forward to introducing the Food Rescue Hero technology to Cleveland, Philadelphia, and San Francisco to kick off the ‘20 Cities by 2020’ campaign. This is about more than technology – this is about motivating key stakeholders in cities from coast to coast to get on board with a proven, tech-driven approach to reducing food waste and combatting hunger.”

Food Rescue Hero piloted the technology in Pittsburgh where the organization, as of January 2019, has rescued five million pounds of surplus food and delivered it directly to people experiencing food insecurity. The app has been downloaded by over 9,000 people and has enabled more than 1,700 volunteers to rescue food.

“With 40% of food going to waste, we have enough food to feed everyone four times over. Surplus food at retail and wholesale grocers is an extraordinary opportunity to radically change the way we approach hunger and measurably impact one of our most wicked problems,” said Food Rescue Hero founder and CEO Leah Lizarondo. “Combining technology, civic engagement, and public-private partnerships, Food Rescue Hero has literally designed a new transport and distribution model that seizes that opportunity. Working with a national firm like Qorvis is the next step in our effort to end hunger and food waste in cities across the country.”

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