Gen Z Parents Set to Transform Parenthood, New Culture Bureau Study Reveals

by | May 1, 2024

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Los Angeles, CA. April 24, 2024. Gen Z has transformed every part of culture, and the world of parenting is next. As the oldest turn 27 this year, Gen Z will make up the majority of first time parents by 2026— yet most businesses continue to ignore them as head of households and parents. This group, still fresh on the scene and ripe for exploration, is the subject of a fascinating new study, one of the largest of its kind by Culture Bureau, a strategic consultancy that has quickly become the go-to expert on the topic.

Kasi Bruno

Kasi Bruno

At the helm of this pioneering research is Kasi Bruno, a strategic foresight and cultural intelligence expert, and founder of Culture Bureau. Her work is a deep dive into the transformative shifts occurring within this demographic, offering a once-in-a-generation opportunity for brands and people to recalibrate their strategies. The research uncovers that what works for Gen Z’s without kids may not hold true for this generation when they become parents.

The Los Angeles-based strategic consultancy describes itself as “part think-tank, part research renegade, part advisory, and part fortune-teller.” They have helped companies like PepsiCo, Mondelez and Lexus stay ahead of game-changing trends and cultural shifts.

Culture Bureau’s groundbreaking new research, with over 5000 Millennial and Gen Z parents surveyed, offers surprising insight into this next generation Parent:

  • Gen Z parents embody many unexpected dualities and contradictions. Radical traditionalists, many of them hold surprisingly traditional views on things like home ownership, divorce and suburban living.
  • The era of the frenemy Instamom influencer is over. Skeptical, Gen Z parents seek authenticity and are changing the face of parenting and influence on social media.
  • Gen Z parents, unlike Millennials, can’t rely on traditional support networks for guidance, so they seek it more often from their partners as they navigate parenthood as the first and only of their friends to have children
  • Gen Z parents are less frugal than Millennial parents, but their ‘worth more’ equation is different.
  • Money & Mental Health top the list of must-know hot topics they want to teach their kids, according to Gen Z parents.
  • National brands beware: Gen Z parents love store brands far more than Millennials.

Leading Culture Bureau’s charge are Kasi Bruno and Shane Walters, whose dynamic and provocative debriefs and strategic insights are setting the stage for a new understanding of this profound parenting paradigm shift. As brands scramble to connect with this influential group, this study can help them reevaluate and effectively reset their playbooks.

With Gen Z set to make up the majority of first-time parents within the next two years in the U.S., understanding this group is no longer a nice-to-have, but necessary for businesses across categories. The Gen Z parenting wave is here and it’s reshaping the consumer landscape in real-time– and in surprising ways.

Culture Bureau is dedicated to helping brands navigate this new landscape and act decisively to connect with Gen Z parents. To learn more about Culture Bureau’s or submit press inquiry, please contact hello@hj-pr.com. For the latest insights, follow the consultancy on LinkedIn.

About Culture Bureau:

Culture Bureau is a strategic consultancy based in Los Angeles, California. It is part think-tank, part research renegade, part strategic advisory, and part fortune-teller, helping brands and businesses get ahead of game-changing trends and impactful shifts that most people don’t see coming. Co-founder Kasi Bruno is the author of many provocative and leading-edge studies, including ‘Who’s Your Daddy?, one of North America’s largest studies on modern dad culture. Her latest study explores Gen Z Parents.

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