Global Myopia Awareness Coalition Appoints Golin as New Lead Agency

by | Jul 17, 2019

Interpublic Group agency Golin announced a new client, the Global Myopia Awareness Coalition (GMAC), following a recent competitive pitch.

Led out of Golin’s Chicago office, with support from Washington D.C. and GolINTEL, Golin’s in-house research and analytics unit, the agency will establish GMAC’s communications strategy for raising awareness of childhood myopia. Myopia (also called near-sightedness or short-sidedness) is the inability to see clearly, unless relatively close to the subject. Through research, education and promotion, Golin and GMAC will share information through various consumer, government, NGO and healthcare professional channels. The agency/client partnership officially began on June 1.

“GMAC is a newly formed entity in the Myopia space, but its impact is promising as it’s comprised of some of the industry’s most powerful leaders,” said Ginger Porter, president, Midwest region. “As a progressive public relations agency, we’re excited to collaborate with key eye health industry leaders and to bring critical issues to the forefront in a way that is innovative and engaging with consumers.”

GMAC was formed in early 2019 through a collaboration between ophthalmic industry leaders and the World Council of Optometry. GMAC now has 12 companies pledged to provide financial contributions to its development.

“As we were looking for an agency partner, we sought a partner who not only had the depth of capabilities we required, but who also shared our passion around myopia education – given its prevalence and rapid growth here in the US,” said Matt Oerding, Co-Founder and CEO of Treehouse Eyes and GMAC Board Chairman. “During the pitch, Golin offered a distinct approach that married original insights with a nimble, digital strategy.  They also have a deep understanding of the myopia landscape and I’m excited for what we’re going to share with the public in the coming months.”

Golin launched a refreshed agency positioning last November to apply earned-first creative ideas to all client assignments to deliver maximum impact, and they are already activating that approach with GMAC to drive awareness of Myopia and its related complications and treatment. The agency’s first remit is to conduct immersion sessions and critical research to assess public sentiment.

“Public awareness around Myopia remains low,” said Alicia Alfano, senior counsel on the business and executive director, Golin Chicago. “That’s about to change, as we aggregate existing research with new insights to create ground-breaking creative that will earn people’s attention.”

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