Government Marketing University Merges with Marketing Mavens

by | Aug 16, 2019

Government Marketing University (GMarkU) announces the merger with Marketing Mavens, a peer networking group for senior marketers working in the government IT field. As part of GMarkU’s Communities of Interest, this merger significantly increases the resources, networking opportunities and knowledge made available to members of Marketing Mavens.

“Marketing Mavens was originally created to fill a void amongst senior marketers who didn’t have the brain trust of other senior public sector colleagues to optimize their marketing performance. Six years later Marketing Mavens has proven its ability to adapt to market shifts, improve upon creative strategies and rely on the latest digital tactics to maintain an adaptive approach to reaching government buyers,” said Alex McHugh, founder of Marketing Mavens. “The merger of Marketing Mavens within GMarkU will formalize its ability for members to adopt modern marketing practices, connect with a broader audience, and help members more effectively integrate omnichannel strategies available under the GMarkU platform.”

“GMarkU’s merger with Marketing Mavens maximizes efficiencies through technology and automation amongst the government marketing community we serve,” said Lou Anne Brossman, CEO and Founder, GMarkU. “Marketing Mavens is a well-established group in the government marketing space, and we look forward to building upon its legacy and helping members adapt to the evolution of the government marketing landscape.”

GMarkU’s Marketing Mavens Communities of Interest will be co-chaired by two well respected, experienced and knowledgeable government marketers, Karen Scott, SoftwareAG and Karen Borosky, NetApp.

“I’m excited to be a part of how the Marketing Mavens evolves. When experienced government marketers gather, whether online or in-person and strategically help each other, it’s motivating and inspiring. I’m pleased that we will now be a Community of Interest under Government Marketing University as we continue to build off our collective experiences to tackle the daily challenges and dynamics of marketing to the government.” said Karen Scott, GMarkU Marketing Mavens Co-Chair.

GMarkU and Marketing Mavens each have an established presence in the government marketing community. This merger allows GMarkU to expand the services provided under its unique learning platform to equip government marketers with the skills needed to market and sell to government agencies.

GMarkU’s 4th annual GAIN Conference is open for registration. GAIN 2019 will take place November 12, 2019, at the Fairview Park Marriott in Falls Church, Virginia. Register by visiting: https://thegainconference.com/.

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