Gregory FCA Accelerates Growth Following Big Bet on AI PR

by | Jun 29, 2023

ARDMORE, Pa. & NEW YORK–June 29, 2023–First mover advantage matters, especially in the AI arms race. Yet in public relations, where many firms are still learning about or are unsure about AI adoption, Gregory FCA has fully embraced it. The result has been tremendous growth opportunities for the firm in the first half of 2023, including the addition of new AI clients and AI-enabled team members who have been trained in its safe, transparent and secure use.

“AI isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a game-changer that’s redefining the practice of public relations and Gregory FCA is leading the way by developing our own AI tools, consulting clients about their AI adoption and AI-enabling our firm’s entire workflow,” said Greg Matusky, CEO of Gregory FCA. “AI disrupts the entire public relations game and how we communicate with clients, constituents and stakeholders. It’s an accelerant for advancing client issues and causes–when it’s adopted safely and securely and applying an ever-changing spectrum of best practices.”

New AI Client Wins

Gregory FCA’s leadership in AI has resulted in a number of client wins in the first half of 2023, spanning cybersecurity, supply chain & logistics and personal communication sectors.

Matusky continued, “As communicators, it’s critical that we understand AI’s implications and master the technology ourselves so that we can best guide clients in how to use it as a tool for improving human communications. Our commitment to AI, and our willingness to be transparent and consultative in its use has led us to surprising and exciting opportunities.”

AI proved invaluable as new clients onboard and existing clients launched new AI-driven offerings. Some of the firm’s recent AI work includes:

  • ClimateAi: A pioneer that is applying powerful machine learning to climate risk forecasting to build end-to-end resilience to climate change
  • Locus: A supply chain & logistics company deploying an AI-powered dispatch management platform to optimize last mile delivery decision making 
  • Overhaul: Another supply chain & logistics player offering an AI-powered solution for real-time risk mitigation for in-transit shipments
  • Sixty AI: Delivers an AI-powered Personal Relationship Management (PRM) platform designed to bring focus, flow and joy back to people’s lives
  • VOICE & AI Summit: The preeminent East Coast AI meet up to be held this September in Washington D.C., which Gregory FCA represents and will speak at

Leading PR’s AI Revolution

Gregory FCA has also continued to invest in generative AI tools and technology that improve workflows for communications professionals, resulting in more effective, timely and tailored work. This includes:

  • The launch of Write Release. In March 2023, Gregory FCA released its own free AI-enabled news release writing tool called Write Release, available for free online.
  • Partnership with Newsprint. A partnership with Newsprint, a development company focused on creating new AI-enabled tools for the public relations industry, makes Gregory FCA a beta client, testing Newsprint product offerings prior to public release.
  • The Development of Gladwrite. An internal AI-powered workflow product, Gladwrite provides the agency with a secure and compliant content generation engine that gains intelligence from the firm’s own archives of client information.

Concurrently, the firm has instituted an internal AI training program to assure competencies, compliance, client transparency and AI skill acquisition. This accompanies an accelerated AI webinar series hosted by Greg Matusky and open to clients, communicators and creators throughout the industry.

For more information about Gregory FCA’s AI in PR initiative, visit https://gregoryfca.com/markets/ai-pr.

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