Gregory FCA Doubles Down on Growth with Talent Acquisition and Elevation of Tenured Staff to New Leadership Roles

by | May 30, 2022

Gregory FCA  announces the appointment of Heather Crowell as Executive Vice President of Investor Relations and the promotion of Brittany Bevacqua to Managing Director of its New York Office, as the agency builds off a stellar year of growth. Alongside these senior posts, the agency also named Nicole Sullivan Associate Vice President. The new position and promotions are strategically designed to continue the firm’s accelerating growth trajectory, which catapulted the company to the country’s third-fastest growing agency in 2021 to now rank as the 41st largest public relations firm in the United States.

“The pandemic and talent shortages have combined to fundamentally change the economics of public relations, creating unprecedented global demand for public relations and communications services,” says Gregory Matusky, CEO of Gregory FCA. “Fortunately, our model is uniquely positioned to fill this demand by applying the talent we have both acquired and developed internally to our targeted verticals in global markets.”

Heather Crowell comes to Gregory FCA after serving for more than 18 years in a variety of positions culminating as Executive Vice President for PREIT, a real estate investment trust. While in that position, Crowell was responsible for investor relations, marketing, communications, partnership marketing efforts as well as both internal and external corporate storytelling. Her front-line position had her working with a wide range of investors, institutions, and analysts, repositioning and setting expectations in a rapidly changing retail and real estate environment.

“I am a firm believer in the power of consistent and reliable storytelling for companies of all market caps and industries to communicate a company’s investment thesis, ESG story, and value proposition,” begins Crowell. “I am excited to extend my career with a firm that understands new communications channels and how to put them to use to create shareholder value.”

“The reemergence of the retail investor, the impact of DeFi and alternative financial instruments as well as the celebrification of the C-Suite is redefining investor relations,” says Joe Anthony, president of Gregory FCA. “As with all of our service offerings, we want to be on the leading edge and Heather shared that worldview.”

To manage and grow Gregory FCA’s New York office, the firm has tapped long-time employee Brittany Bevacqua as the office’s new Managing Director. Bevacqua comes to Gregory FCA as part of the firm’s 2021 acquisition of Affect.

“Our acquisition strategy is firmly based on the need to serve our clients with the requisite industry expertise and talent to fuel the firm’s growth,” says Sandra Fathi, chief strategy officer. Fathi, who had previously managed the NY office, will now focus on business development, strategic partnerships, and corporate branding. “Over the last 12 years in our firm, Brittany has distinguished herself as a key member of the management team, an inspiring leader and mentor, and a skilled client advisor. She is primed to lead our rapidly-expanding NY team and step up into this challenging role.”

Over her tenure with the firm, Bevacqua has managed many of the agency’s highest-profile accounts and has contributed to its deep understanding of technology, as well as the reporters and media that cover it.

“Gregory FCA brings a fresh, new approach to public relations in its commitment to specific verticals and inhouse talent development,” says Bevacqua. “Our firm’s incredibly nimble model challenges conventions as to how public relations firms should be managed and technologically enabled. I’m thrilled to begin this new chapter in my career alongside a dynamic, forward-thinking management team and our incredibly talented team members who propel our clients forward every day.”

In addition, the company has promoted Nicole Sullivan to Associate Vice President. “Our mantra has always been to challenge employees to successively take on new initiatives and gain mastery,” says Matusky. “Nicole took that challenge to heart and emerged as one of our strongest client services professionals.” Sullivan joins a management team of 30 leaders committed to developing teams and delving deep into the business of their client.

“Gregory FCA’s growth lifts the ceiling for young professionals by constantly uncovering more opportunities that allow for advancement,” Sullivan says. “They entrusted me with a great deal of responsibility and then rewarded that effort proactively as part of their growth strategy.”

Since receiving a capital injection from Copley Equity Partners in December of 2019, Gregory FCA has grown revenue by 72.7% and expanded its employee base to 120 full-time professionals, acquiring and integrating two other public relations firms along the way.

“We invested in Gregory FCA because of its strong business model and highly talented team,” says Peter Trovato, managing partner at Copley Equity Partners. “The firm’s ability to secure and deploy this level of talent, as well as its robust growth trajectory, supports our original investment thesis that skilled management coupled with strategically deployed capital could build an industry leading PR firm serving clients nationally.”

About Gregory FCA

Gregory FCA is the 41st largest public relations firm in the country, with offices outside Philadelphia and in New York City. Founded in 1990, Gregory FCA serves a range of privately owned and publicly traded companies, providing integrated public relations and communications services that build brands, grow revenue, increase shareholder value and create visibility. Gregory FCA operates on the simple premise expressed in its tagline, “Our clients are changing the world, and we make sure the world knows it.”

For more information, please visit www.gregoryfca.com.

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