Greteman Group Digital Director Jordan Walker Named to YPW Board of Trustees

by | Sep 24, 2018

Young Professionals of Wichita has named Greteman Group Digital Director Jordan Walker to its board of trustees. This summer YPW honored Walker as a 2018 Distinguished Young Professional finalist. Walker will go through a board orientation later this year.

“YPW just gained a powerhouse for its board,” says Sonia Greteman, agency president and creative director. “Jordan has a tremendous drive to advance our community. This will be a wonderful channel for her energies.”

Walker joined Wichita-based Greteman Group in 2015. Her efforts help the agency leverage analytics on everything from programmatic advertising and results-driven email campaigns to search-engine optimization and social-media management. Her background in digital marketing strategy and execution includes certification by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the only globally recognized and accredited program for digital sales. She serves on Greteman Group’s five-member Traction leadership team, which sets goals and meets weekly to discuss progress and challenges. She turned 30 this past spring.

In addition to her high-level of professional achievement, Walker is involved in a number of community-building efforts. These include current and past support for the Douglas Design District, LevelUp,  Wichita North High School Alumni Association, Child Start and Rainbows United. Through her ongoing support for the Wichita North High School Alumni Association, the entire board was inducted into the school’s 2017 Hall of Fame. That made Walker one of the youngest people in North High’s history to have been inducted.

“I’ve gained a lot of value from programs I’ve participated in through YPW,” says Walker. “From civic engagement panels to the mentorship program, I’ve seen this organization grow from simple mingles to opportunities to create real impact in our community. I look forward to joining this stellar leadership team and finding more ways we can connect with today’s modern young professional.”

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