Halliburton Investor Relations & Communications and Briley Design Group Merge

by | Mar 28, 2019

Halliburton Investor Relations & Communications (HIR), a full-service investor relations firm, and Briley Design Group (BDG), an award-winning graphic design firm, announced the combination of their businesses effective January 1, 2019. Both firms are trusted leaders in communications and enjoy a long-standing relationship of successful collaboration and a shared corporate culture.

For nearly three decades, HIR has partnered with global clients to deliver strategic investor relations and financial communications through all market cycles. Briley Design Group boasts nearly four decades developing innovative design solutions for branding, marketing, communications and advertising. Each firm will preserve its strong brand equity and continue to deliver customized results-oriented programs with clarity and impact for their clients.

“The integration of our businesses expands and elevates our comprehensive communications service offerings,” said Alan Halliburton, chairman of Halliburton Investor Relations & Communications. “The cultural alignment of our firms further amplifies the logical rationale behind the merger,” he said.

“Commitment to exemplary client service is a shared philosophy,” stated Terry Briley, principal and founder of Briley Design Group. “Clear communication is the foundation of what our firms do, and we believe we can effect stronger communications solutions with our combined pool of talented colleagues,” he said.

“We could not be more excited that the Briley team has joined the HIR family,” said Geralyn DeBusk, president of HIR. “We look forward to leveraging our deep expertise, broadened capabilities, expanded services and the infusion of creativity our combination has already created,” she stated.

“We are now a vertically integrated, full-service communications firm that works with both large and small companies to develop tailored, strategic communications solutions to solve specific client objectives,” DeBusk continued. “From communications messaging to developing marketing materials and providing graphic design services, we work hand in hand with our clients to deliver customized projects on time and within budget,” she stated.

The business combination of HIR and BDG is a clear endorsement of a stronger value proposition, giving clients broader capabilities and facilitating collaborative opportunities to effect stronger results.

Learn more about the comprehensive and diverse communications and design services offerings here.

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