Havas Formula launches SOS service offering to support COVID-19 safety protocols

by | Aug 31, 2020

Nationally revered integrated marketing agency Havas Formula announced that it will provide in-the-field support to implement, evaluate, and improve COVID-19 protocols for clients’ business locations to ensure employee and customer safety.

The new service offering, dubbed Safety Operations Support, or SOS, is being executed and managed by Havas Street, the agency’s Los Angeles-based national activation and sampling practice.

“We all want to see businesses begin their return to normalcy, but the success of those efforts rests heavily on ensuring the right safety protocols are put into place and implemented correctly,” said Havas Formula CEO Michael Olguin. “For companies with a national footprint, it is impossible for their operations teams to be everywhere at once, which is where we can step in.”

Havas Street works hand in hand with clients to create a custom field plan that ensures all protocols are implemented correctly and serves to educate and support store-level teams. Because policies and regulations vary state by state, and even market by market, the agency can tailor programming and reporting to fit the needs of each business sector.

“Businesses need to know that the policies created at the corporate level are being properly executed at the store level; our existing infrastructure of 25,000+ ambassadors allows us to provide the resources they need at the appropriate scale,” Olguin added.

“We know that operations teams are already strained trying to stay up to date with policies that are changing day by day, not to mention communicate those updates to the greater organization,” said Adrienne Cadena, president of Havas Street. “With Safety Operations Support, we can take the burden off the corporate teams so they can focus on moving business forward without having to worry about the safety of their employees and customers.”

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