Health Marketing Firm Quaintise Adds UCLA’s Institute for Precision Health to its Client Base

by | Apr 26, 2018

Quaintise, a Los Angeles-based marketing and branding agency focused in the health and wellness industries, announced they have been selected by UCLA to develop the branding and marketing campaign for the school’s Institute for Precision Health.

“We are proud to partner with UCLA and collaborate with the leadership of the Institute for Precision Health as they continue to revolutionize the healthcare industry with their future large-scale initiatives in genetic and genomic medicine,” says Raquel Baldelomar, founder and president of Quaintise.

Launched in February 2017, the Institute for Precision Health builds on UCLA’s existing successes in precision health, supporting multidisciplinary research into genetic and genomic medicine. Quaintise plans to further support their mission by providing strategic brand strategy insight and creative assets based on the 15 years of experience they have within the healthcare industry.

UCLA’s Precision Medicine Program develops the necessary processes and infrastructure to bring genomic information into the clinical realm. It mobilizes and integrates genomic data with clinical data for translational research that involves genetics, genomics, patient phenotypes, and biomaterials.

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