Hill+Knowlton Strategies Expands Crisis Offering with Launch of New Crisis Control App, Relaunch of FlightSchool+

by | Aug 6, 2018

Hill+Knowlton Strategies has launched the H+K Crisis Control app, a platform that puts all crisis, incident planning and response tools at the fingertips of the agency’s clients. The app, which is now live on Google Play and the App store, can be customized for each client in a mobile-friendly format.

“We live in a 24/7 world where it doesn’t matter if you’re in the office, out on a lovely Saturday afternoon with your spouse, or at a school event with your kids—crises can happen anytime, anywhere, and you must be able to engage at a moment’s notice. The new H+K Crisis Control app, backed by our team of crisis experts around the world, is the solution that allows everyone to live their lives yet remain crisis-ready and connected with their colleagues and crisis team,” said Kevin Elliott, head of crisis and risk at Hill+Knowlton Strategies U.S.

The app offers clients the ability to communicate and collaborate with their H+K crisis team as well as their own colleagues using instant communication, day or night, wherever they are in the world. Turnaround time to get a client set up is less than a week. The app is designed and built with the highest possible levels of IT security.

“The app enables you to access your scenarios, protocols, contact lists and other resources whenever and wherever you may be. You can activate your response team, deploy communication, monitor progress, share images, all from the app on your phone or tablet,” Elliott said.

H+K has also relaunched FlightSchool+, an online crisis simulation program designed by crisis experts that has been used by senior executives around the world since its original launch in 2012. The interactive tool allows businesses and individuals to test their crisis response capability in a controlled setting. H+K’s comprehensive simulation experience combines proprietary and interactive simulation technology, and a high-pressure environment that accurately reflects a crisis situation. Running over multiple communications platforms, the immersive FlightSchool+ experience runs in real-time with H+K’s specialist trainers assessing how teams perform when the pressure is on.

“Our new Flight School has an improved user interface and even greater capacity for real-time incident simulation and analytics,” Elliott said. By giving our clients a real-time simulation that actually reacts to circumstances, FlightSchool+ helps them be better prepared to face fast-moving incidents. It tests the plan and the people. Used in combination with our mobile app, our clients will get a real opportunity to test a scenario the way it happens in real life.”

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