HypeAuditor Launches Shopify Integration to Automate Influencer Marketing Campaigns for Online Retailers

by | Apr 19, 2022

HypeAuditor, the AI analytics platform for brands who want fair, transparent, and effective influencer marketing, has announced the integration of its platform with Shopify to provide an all-in-one analysis of sales-focused influencer marketing campaigns for online retailers.

HypeAuditor’s holistic solution enables e-commerce brands and agencies to streamline the entire influencer marketing workflow, from discovering and contacting relevant creators, to effectively managing the campaigns, and then creating analytical reports to evaluate results.

“As customer acquisition costs skyrocket, brands are looking to collaborate with creators to deepen relationships and build awareness, trust and loyalty among their audience,” said Robin Marchant, Director of Marketing (APAC) at Shopify. “HypeAuditor’s integration helps Shopify merchants find authentic creator opportunities and automate workflow and measurement to optimize campaign spend and strategy and strengthen business outcomes.”

By providing online retailers with a range of precise search filters that deliver highly relevant results, HypeAuditor ensures that brands and agencies are identifying the best influencers for their campaigns and allows for contact directly through the platform to ensure a smooth campaign launch.

Perhaps most importantly, the integration is also completely automated, assigning corresponding click rates, sales, and ROI to specific influencers and campaigns in order to calculate sales performance, saving e-commerce brands valuable time and money by eliminating the manual aspect of running an influencer marketing campaign. Shopify merchants will now be able to accurately and efficiently measure the success of a campaign and monitor top performers to enhance marketing strategies and optimize budgets.

“For marketing managers, analyzing sales data from the Shopify platform and cross referencing it with campaign data from an influencer marketing platform can be extremely time consuming and expensive,” said Alexander Frolov, CEO of HypeAuditor. “By integrating HypeAuditor with Shopify, e-commerce brands will no longer be held back by this archaic exercise. A campaign can now be set up in less than five minutes, and the rest of the process is automated, enabling a clear, strategic analysis of an influencer campaign.”

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