Influencer Service TAKUMI Bolsters Northern Presence with More Media Sales Partnership

by | Mar 9, 2020

Leading influencer marketing service, TAKUMI, announced a new partnership with More Media Sales, an independent multimedia sales house, to expand its influence in media communities in the North of the UK.

The agreed deal with the Manchester-based agency will see local experts support on growing awareness of TAKUMI’S services outside of London and expanding its network into regional media communities.

The partnership is the latest move from fast-scaling TAKUMI, which is committed to ensuring brands and marketers can deliver the most effective, compelling influencer campaigns possible, through industry-leading relationships and technology, both in the UK and internationally. This announcement comes in response to huge demands from brands across the country for high quality and authentic influencer marketing services.

The announcement adds further momentum to TAKUMI’S recent growth after it was named among Britain’s fastest-growing businesses and most promising scale-ups by Syndicate Room. In 2019, it expanded operations in multiple global markets including the US, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. This news was swiftly followed earlier this year with the appointment of globally recognised digital agency entrepreneur and business growth expert Mary Kane-Dawson as Group CEO. The partnership with More Media Sale is reflective of TAKUMI’S aim to accelerate growth and offer brands a centralised solution for delivering quality, compelling content internationally, at scale.

Mary Keane-Dawson, Group CEO of TAKUMI says: “Influencer marketing commands an increasingly significant portion of marketing budgets.

“Our partnership with More Media Sales will push new opportunities for brands and agencies in the North of the UK to drive consumer awareness, intent and loyalty through influencer marketing campaigns.

Andy Garner, Managing Director of More Media Sales: “It’s an exciting time to be partnering with TAKUMI, during a period of fast growth. Brands and agencies in the North of the UK have been crying out for an influencer marketing service that produces compelling, authentic content, and we are looking forward to introducing them to TAKUMI.”

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