InkHouse Names Angela Trapasso Vice President of Digital Marketing Practice

by | Jun 4, 2018

InkHouse, an integrated public relations agency, announced an expansion of its digital marketing practice with the hiring of Angela Trapasso, an accomplished marketing executive.

“There used to be a direct and reliable link between media coverage and specific outcomes — whether it’s sales, downloads, fundraising or any other action you want an audience to take. But today, the lifecycle of a news story is hours at best, readership is more fragmented than ever, and consumers are overwhelmed,” said Tina Cassidy, executive vice president and chief content officer at InkHouse. “Angela will ensure we are using every tool and creative approach possible as we expand our service offerings.”

InkHouse was conceived in 2007 from a belief that social media, content and media relations could not (and should not) be done in silos. Today, the digital media and PR silos also must dissolve. Customers, whether consumers or organizations, require single clicks to immediate actions. They don’t peruse magazines and content—that content must find them. And the old era that birthed Facebook and Twitter is coming to an end, ushering a new phase that is still to be determined, but must feature more user control and greater privacy. Angela will lead the InkHouse team dedicated to knowing where our industry will need to shift next.

She brings more than ten years of experience defining and executing innovative earned media campaigns for digital public relations and search campaigns on behalf of a variety of startup and established brands across a wide range of industries. She is also an expert in influencer marketing campaigns, a key area in which InkHouse sees enormous opportunity for clients. Most recently, she served as vice president of brand strategy at Terakeet, an enterprise SEO and influencer marketing technology company.

“As consumer behavior evolves alongside the rapidly changing media and digital landscape, we must evolve with it to ensure that our clients can drive leads directly from their PR success,” Trapasso said. “This is especially important at a time when the buyer’s journey is more complex than ever and a sale, download or action is one click away.”

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