IPREX Celebrates 40 Years with Annual Global Conference in India

by | Mar 29, 2023

This March in India’s bustling capital city of New Delhi, IPREX leaders met for the opportunity to learn from one another, from some of India’s most respected business minds, and from the region’s traditions and cultures as the global network celebrated its 40th anniversary. More than 25 partners and guests gathered from across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States to participate.

IPREX is a $508 million network of public relations (PR) and communications agencies with more than 1,100 professionals in over 100 global markets. 

“The 40th anniversary conference took place during the March G20 Summit events also happening in New Delhi and was a perfect moment for our delegates to experience the start of India’s G20 presidency as the country aims to modernize to build a greener future for itself and the world,” said Julie Exner, global president, IPREX. “We were fortunate to dine in the same hotel where world leaders had convened for these meetings and to take part in a variety of traditional customs to expand our understanding of this immensely vibrant and diverse country.”

The 2023 IPREX Annual Global Conference discussed topics such as the emergence and adoption of AI within the communications field, the importance of leading with trust in organizations of any size, and best practices in cross-cultural communication between Indian and Western markets and brands. The agenda also explored effective campaigns run by IPREX agencies in the mental health, consumer goods and tech spaces. IPREX agency leaders met with several Indian startups that are expanding across the network’s three regions – EMEA, APAC and the Americas – to share insights, explore solutions to universal challenges, and connect on regional opportunities. IPREX partner MBE Group (Detroit) was honored with the annual Grail award for the most business shared within the network in 2022.

The Annual Global Conference followed the Americas Regional Conference in Arizona in November and the EMEA Regional Conference in Lisbon in October. In May, emerging leaders from across IPREX agencies will join in Kansas City for the International Leadership Development Conference. 


IPREX is a $508 million network of communication agencies. IPREX has more than 1,100 communications professionals in more than 100 markets globally. Our locations are overseen by local senior leaders who take a highly active role and interest in client success.  IPREX is the tenth-largest communication group as ranked by The Holmes Report in its survey of public relations holding companies and global networks.

IPREX member agencies recognize the importance of creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace and workforce. The network intentionally supports them by providing resources and best practices that address race, age and gender to ensure they commit to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) with action and intention.

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