IPREX partners help create new Tree Top ad campaign: “Together, We Grow Better”

by | May 14, 2020

Tree Top, Inc., an iconic apple juice and apple sauce household name for more than 60 years, returns to the advertising world with a new brand campaign, “Together, We Grow Better.”

Created by Tree Top with IPREX partners DH in Spokane, WA and French/West/Vaughan (FWV), in Raleigh, NC, the campaign is designed to tap into the love and effort parents devote to raising their families, by showing how Tree Top demonstrates love and dedication in growing the apples that nurture families across the U.S. The campaign delivers a message directly from Tree Top’s growers who raise apples with care to deliver quality apple juice and apple sauce to families everywhere.

“We know what it means to put your all into raising something. The challenges, and the rewards,” said Bryce Godfrey, Director of Marketing at Tree Top. “We want to do everything in our power to make it easier for families by providing fresh, quality snacks kids love.”

In these trying times, the campaign offers a sense of warmth and comfort as it draws comparisons to life in the orchard to life at home. It encourages goodwill and trust in an effort to support customers in their parenting journey. The message “Together, We Grow Better” is even more relevant, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when individuals are connecting to each other—and to brands—in new ways.

“We want parents to know we care about making their lives easier. We take care of what goes into our products, so parents can focus on what really matters,” said Godfrey.

Tree Top is an easy choice for parents because it’s made from natural, simple ingredients, from the people who actually grow the fruit. While Tree Top apple juice and apple sauce products are well known in grocery stores across the western US, many also know the brand nationally for their apple sauce pouches and organic juice boxes served by several restaurant chains.

Over its long history, Tree Top, a grower-owned company, has steadily built significant brand equity through delivery of quality USA-apple products. Unlike their competitors, “All of our apples are grown in the USA and sourced from growers we personally know and trust,” said Godfrey.

It’s why Tree Top has maintained its considerable brand awareness without having to invest in major advertising initiatives. With recent shifts in consumer purchasing behavior and increased competition in a mature category, the new campaign is an opportunity for Tree Top to reengage audiences and retain optimal brand awareness levels for the business.

In the coming months, Tree Top parents in the United States will see “Together, We Grow Better” invite them to enjoy the simplicity and wholesomeness of Tree Top products.

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