Is the Election Changing Media Plans? Surprisingly Not, New D S Simon Survey Finds.

by | Feb 28, 2024

local newsThere’s no telling what surprises this election year might throw at us as communicators, but as we all know, there’s no such thing as over-preparation. Yet while 82 percent of PR people consider the election year as an opportunity or challenge for their media relations plan, only 26 percent are changing tactics or their media strategy.

Those are among the key findings of a survey of PR professionals conducted by D S Simon Media, a leading Satellite Media Tour firm. “There’s clearly a disconnect,” says Doug Simon, CEO at D S Simon Media. “Given the high level of recognition that the media landscape has changed, we’d expect a similar level of respondents would be changing their strategy. That isn’t happening.”

Of those who felt the election year was an opportunity, a challenge, 16 percent saw it as an opportunity, 34 percent saw it as a challenge and 50 percent thought both.

Those who are adjusting tactics shared how their plans are changing

  • 71 percent are focusing on digital opportunities.
  • 64 percent are increasing social media.
  • 57 percent are shifting their focus from network and cable television to local TV news.
  • 14 percent are giving up.

Local TV is your best broadcast option for rising above the noise

While Simon says political news is generating wall to wall coverage on cable, it makes sense for organizations to shift their focus to local TV news programming. His firm conducted an analysis of local TV news coverage in New York, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Austin, and Orlando the morning after a heavy political news day. Surprisingly, stations in those markets spent only 9 percent of their programming on political news.

“Local TV news has become counter programming to election noise,” says Simon. “We are hearing that these stations are focusing on news viewers can use. Producers recognize if viewers want politics, they can tune in to the cable network aligned with their views.”

61 PR professionals responded to the survey which was conducted via Survey Monkey.

About D S Simon Media

D S Simon Media is well known as a leader in the Satellite Media Tour industry and produces tours from anywhere in the world. They are the only company in the SMT space that owns its studio and multiple control rooms. Clients include top brands in healthcare, technology, travel financial services, consumer goods, entertainment, public affairs, retail, non-profits, and the agencies that represent them.

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