José María Estébanez Joins Kyocera Document Solutions America as Senior Director, Integrated Marketing Communications

by | Feb 13, 2020

The document solutions industry is one which is constantly innovating and evolving, bringing with it both challenges and opportunities. At Kyocera Document Solutions America, president Óscar Sánchez is looking to capitalize on the changing needs of the market to equip his leadership team with some of the most talented professionals, the latest being José María Estébanez who joins as Senior Director, Integrated Marketing Communications.

Following on from appointments such as that of Natalie Cumberbatch as Vice-President of Human Resources, Frank Zupa as Vice-President of Customer Operations and Kurt Brown as Vice-President of Software and IT Services, Sánchez has moved to bring more Estébanez to his diverse team with a focus on marketing. Combining experience at some of the world’s biggest companies, such as Verizon, and industry experts, like Dimension Data, with decades of dedication to the Kyocera cause, Sánchez’s team brings together a mix of expertise and experience from across the board.

Pioneering digital efforts

Estébanez was with Deloitte most recently before leading Kyocera’s marketing efforts across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. His projects at the company’s European headquarters included playing a leading role in the renewal of the organization’s brand identity whilst also leading the launch of a brand-new website and digital offering. This work from Estébanez was essential to unifying the strategy of Kyocera across the region and across the globe, bringing together a range of cultures and languages into one united message and way of working.

In Europe, he operated across 17 different countries to oversee digital transformation strategies in marketing, with a keen focus on Customer Relationship Management, marketing automation and sales enablement fueled by the desire to make Kyocera market leaders when it comes to content, positioning the organization as experts in the field on digital platforms. Through the implementation of Salesforce technology alongside this content hub, new approaches were implemented which have set the company up for many years to come.

As Senior Director, he will be involved in pioneering similar projects in America, with a revamped online profile in the pipeline to make it easier for customers, employees, dealers, analysts, media and a range of stakeholders to interact with the company. This will include a new approach to the Channel Program and demand generation, working hand in hand with Kyocera’s sales team. This streamlined presence in the digital space forms part of the organization’s key objectives for 2020 and beyond as Sánchez’s objectives continues to drive Kyocera into new areas.

“José brings experience of completely revolutionizing how Kyocera handles marketing. His success across the board in the European region, aligning with our global headquarters in Japan, means that he is fully on board with our plans and that commitment, passion and talent is just what we need in America,” Sánchez explained.

With the an increasingly broad product portfolio continuing to expand, Estébanez will work closely alongside the rest of the leadership team to prepare the organization for the opportunities that lie ahead in 2020. As Sánchez assembles his support team with directors and vice-presidents in key areas, Kyocera faces up to more ambitious goals than ever before.

An aim to achieve significant growth over the next year, strategic acquisitions in the pipeline and a continued transition towards IT services and solutions mean that 2020 will be an important year for the future of Kyocera. Sánchez has now surrounded himself with a dream team of industry experts to help him to achieve his aims.

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