Kelley Kronenberg announces Michelle Martinez Reyes as Chief Relations Officer

by | May 8, 2020

Following a record growth year, law firm Kelley Kronenberg announced the addition of Chief Relations Officer, Michelle Martinez Reyes, to its executive team. Martinez Reyes has over 20 years of experience as a trusted business advisor in the field of marketing and public relations.

She has earned a proven national reputation as a marketer, publicist, key brand builder, and catalyst to growth. In 2020, she was most recently selected amongst the “Top Women in Communications” as a “Game-Changer” by Ragan Communications and PR Daily, selected amongst the “Top Women In PR” by PR News, and named a “National Latino Leader” for the year by the National Diversity Council.

“We are thrilled to have Michelle join as a senior member of our leadership team at such an important time of strategy and growth for our firm,” said Michael Fichtel, CEO and Principal Partner of Kelley Kronenberg.

“Michelle spearheading this new role signals the next phase of development for our firm, in what has been a remarkable time of growth and success,” said Heath S. Eskalyo, CFO and Principal Partner.

“She brings us key experience and relationships that align seamlessly with our business goals, and current and future plans for the firm,” said Howard L. Wander, COO and Principal Partner.

Martinez Reyes previously worked as part of the marketing and business development teams for some of the largest firms in Florida and the U.S. Most recently, she served as the Chief Marketing Officer for Greenspoon Marder. She was part of the firm’s leadership team during their initial national expansion in 2016, successfully leading the marketing strategy, brand development and growth focusing on business development, client relations, media and public relations, philanthropic efforts, and community service throughout the U.S. until early 2020.

“I am excited to embark on the next chapter of my career at Kelley Kronenberg. I am looking forward to contributing and becoming part of the firm’s legacy, joining the principal partners that have helped build it from the beginning. Magic sometimes happens when hard work meets opportunity and you have a great team in place,” Martinez Reyes said.

Founded 40 years ago, Kelley Kronenberg is now one of the fastest growing law firms in Florida. The firm has significantly and strategically expanded its services and attorney head count over the past few years. In 2019, the firm completed construction of its marquee new corporate headquarters in South Florida, with over 35,000 square-feet, fully owned and operated by the firm, amongst other properties.

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