Kinetic North America Launches Lively Production

by | Apr 27, 2018

Coinciding with the celebration of Earth Day, WPP’s Kinetic North America announced the relaunch of its print production management company called Lively Production (formerly known as Hi-Resolution).

The company will provide the highest quality printing solutions across out-of-home (OOH) formats. Born out of years of experience managing OOH campaigns and understanding the complexity of the OOH production eco-system, Lively Production is now offering a set of solutions to manage a brand’s print production process efficiently and effectively, all with the most innovative environmentally-friendly products.

Lively Production’s dedication to sustainability is at the core of the business. In addition to the company’s traditional eco-printing offering, it will offer two new game-changing eco-products; Eco-coating and Upcycled Brand Equity.

Upcycled Brand Equity is a systemized approach to recycling, starting with printing (either traditional or Eco-vinyl) and resulting in the recycling of billboard vinyl into new products (i.e. bags, wallets, cardholders etc.), allowing brands to further build brand equity amongst the growing number of consumers and employees that have sustainability at heart. Leveraging the brands’ own retail chains, this upcycled product line can create a new revenue stream that makes the overall OOH production cycle economically sustainable.

In partnership with Los Angeles based NanoTechnology firm Drywired, Lively Production will also offer Lumactiv, an ISO-certified indoor and outdoor Eco-coating application with self-cleaning air-purifying capabilities equivalent to planting broad leaf trees in urban environments. The coating can be sprayed on billboard vinyl or any other printed OOH format, elevating the OOH advertising industry into impactful environmental stewards and allowing a brand’s OOH campaign to play an active role in saving the planet.

Furthering the advertising industry’s eco agenda, Lively Production is partnering with outdoor advertising vendors to coat the advertisement structures themselves, with the goal of turning billboards, bus shelters, and bus wraps into giant air filtration systems purifying city air pollution every day.

Karin Baatsch-Deboulet, Head of Product and Business Transformation, Kinetic North America and Lively Production said, “Through these unique partnerships, we saw an amazing opportunity to address the sustainability agenda that both the OOH industry, and especially the print production industry, has been challenged with for many years. With the ambition to really drive change within the industry, we’re collaborating with our key vendor partners and have created the first ever Eco-index that will enable OOH media plans to be assigned an environmental impact score.

“We developed this new media currency in order to quantify the environmental impact of an OOH campaign based on the equivalent number of trees that would have to be planted to produce the same air purifying effect on the environment. This Eco-index shifts the mentality of looking at OOH inventory as a list of assets and addresses, to looking at it and understanding a campaign’s geographical blueprint of planting avenues, or even forests full of trees!”

“Vector Media is proud to serve as the launch partner along with Lively Production in driving environmental stewardship for the OOH advertising industry. Moving forward, all Vector bus inventory purchased by Kinetic will be coated with Lumactiv, which is the equivalent of hundreds of trees driving around cities across the country!” said Gary Greenstein, Chief Revenue Officer, Vector Media.

Nielsen’s annual Global Corporate Sustainability Report indicated that, globally, 66% of consumers are willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a sustainable brand. 73% of millennials surveyed indicated a similar preference.

“Not only is this the right thing to do for the benefit of the environment, it is also good business,” added Karin Baatsch-Deboulet.

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