Lippe Taylor Group Promotes Tracy Naden to President, North America

by | Jan 10, 2023

Lippe Taylor Group (LTG), the New York-based Frictionless Marketing™ agency, announced a company-wide transformation that puts integrated client portfolios in the center, with twelvenote president, Tracy Naden, being elevated to North America President across Lippe Taylor Group, including both of its agencies, Lippe Taylor and twelvenote.

The announcement comes shortly after Lippe Taylor Group, which has been named PRWeek’s Most Outstanding Midsize Agency for the past two years, was also named overall Midsize Agency of the Year (Silver) and Best PR Agency of the year (Gold) by the prestigious Medical Marketing & Media outlet (MM&M).

“In 2022 we passed the $50M revenue mark, capping off 5 consecutive years of double-digit growth,” says agency CEO, Paul Dyer. “We always anticipated this milestone as one that would require a rethink of the agency structure that got us here. Tracy’s promotion is a key part of this evolution. She has played an integral role in our growth, first in leadership roles for Lippe Taylor, and then as president of its sister agency, twelvenote, which doubled in revenue in its first year,” explains Dyer. “She has the institutional knowledge and trust of both our people and clients to ensure a successful transition to this new structure.”

The new agency structure was designed with integration as the central principal, further uniting the firm’s engagement, digital, creative, media, and analytics groups into portfolio teams led by client experience leaders (CXL’s), with client needs at the center. The structure will ensure team members are embedded to put greater focus on fewer clients, integrate more closely between specialties, and to develop more agile working styles as marketing trends shift. For employees, the agency’s transformation empowers people through autonomous decision-making designed to fuel creativity and a growth mindset.

“Our growth over the last few years has surpassed even our own ambitious plans. As we grow from a midsize to large agency, we want to protect what makes us special – our team collaboration and creativity. During a time when clients demand strong results in less time, with lower budgets, we want to avoid big agency challenges where separate practice areas result in slowed productivity and a siloed culture,” Naden said. “We are designing high-energy, integrated teams working towards a common goal – solving business challenges through culturally relevant ideas that serve a purpose in people’s lives – removing the friction between brands and the communities they want to influence.”
To find out more about Lippe Taylor Group, visit www.lippetaylor.com and www.twelvenote.com.

About Lippe Taylor Group:
Lippe Taylor Group (LTG) is comprised of two agencies, Lippe Taylor and twelvenote. Central to both agencies is our Frictionless approach that aims to remove obstacles between brands and their audiences or stakeholders. LTG operates as a strategic marketing partner to clients who cannot simply outspend their competitors, deploying a proprietary approach to analytics-inspired, creative marketing solutions that earn growth. The agency partners with clients to create award-winning work across sectors with particular expertise in Pharma, OTC healthcare, food and beverage, consumer goods and technology. Lippe Taylor Group is headquartered in New York City and has centers of excellence in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, and Atlanta. In 2022 the company was recognized as the best Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Transformation in the industry.

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