Local Chicago Agency Announces Brand-New Flexible Work Model for All Employees

by | Feb 25, 2021

One thing is for certain, the future of the modern workplace is sure to look different. The largest, woman-owned, Chicago-based integrated marketing agency, Motion, is leaning into these evolutions and has put a great deal of thought behind what an eventual return-to-work may look like. With work-life balance and office flexibility at the forefront of the conversation, Motion Owner and CEO Kimberly Eberl, recently enacted Motion FLEX, an innovative structure that prioritizes each employee’s personal work-style preferences.

Under Motion FLEX, employees will receive a block of 50 “Work-From-Home” (WFH) days each year to be used at their convenience and preference. Employees can take a couple days to WFH consecutively, take one day a week at home or take more time working from home during a certain season. The goal is to allow individuals to schedule their remote days to accommodate their own personal priorities. In addition, Motion FLEX includes a new “Floating Holiday,” an additional day of paid time off that employees can use to honor the day or holiday they see fit.

The new Motion FLEX program was received with overwhelming support from the Motion team. For many of the employees, this flexible schedule allows them the chance to spend extended time with loved ones around the country, ensure they don’t miss their family’s biggest moments or create a schedule that works best with their daily lives.

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