Luntz Global Partners Relaunches as Storyline Strategies

by | Sep 25, 2019

With consumers, decision-makers and stakeholders more savvy, perceptive, and unpredictable than ever before, corporate executives are clamoring for a deeper, science-backed understanding of the rationale that drives behavior. They want insights that are reliable, predictive, enduring, and immediately actionable.

Formerly Luntz Global Partners, the firm founded by pollster Frank LuntzStoryline Strategies is shaking up a stagnant industry. Upon Luntz’s departure in 2017, the firm recalibrated its compass – reassessing the intersection of consumer mindset, behavior, and language—with a focus on evolving the outmoded tools and methodologies currently in practice.

CEO Alyssa Salvo joined Luntz as an intern upon graduating from Princeton University, and swiftly became an indispensable advisor to the firm’s top clients. Charged with reinvigorating the firm and shedding the partisan political label which had long been affixed, Salvo, along with Partners Ben Clarke and Kelly Royal, took a strategic approach to rejuvenating the firm’s talent and culture, diversifying the client base, and reimagining its vision.

Their expertise has been hard-earned through partnerships with a diverse array of clients, spanning a multitude of industries, including Google, YouTube, Delta, Transamerica, The National Restaurant Association and The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

Storyline Strategies’ renewed vision is further fueled by the perspectives of Josh Burris and Shepherd Pittman, who join the Partnership Team after a combined decade leading brand and reputation insights at Google. Burris and Pittman will helm Storyline Strategies’ San Francisco office, a west coast companion to its Washington, D.C. flagship.

“The team we’ve built and developed isn’t just determined to reinvent our agency,” said Salvo. “From methodological approaches to new technologies, we’re setting out to reimagine research, pushing conventional boundaries in service of our clients. Our philosophy is simple: ‘We believe in the art of storytelling powered by the science of research.’”

Between their hallmark ability to deliver the results clients need with speed and precision and their vision for transforming the way the industry approaches research, Storyline isn’t just stepping up their game. They are changing the game.

A prime example is Storyline Studio, their groundbreaking, multi-dimensional app that will transform the way creative collateral is measured and the consumer mindset is understood. A key differentiator of this new approach is the ad-testing capabilities of the ‘perception map’, which measures performance against a meticulous set of customizable KPIs and includes intuitive emotional prompts that closely mirror social media engagement.

These richly nuanced reactions unlock an unmatched level of analytical sophistication that lead to smarter creation, not merely productive refinement.

Continued Salvo: “Ultimately, today’s announcement isn’t just about Storyline Strategies—it’s about what we can accomplish for the clients we support. Our firm has grown and—most importantly—meaningfully evolved. The time was right for our name and brand to reflect who we’ve become and where we’re going.”

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