Magrino Adds Three New Clients to Its Food & Beverage Division: Stauning Whisky, Töst and Cocktail Kingdom

by | May 22, 2024

New York, NY (May 22, 2024)Magrino, a full-channel communications agency based in New York City, today announced the newest clients to be hitting to its Food & Beverage roster this summer, design-forward Danish whisky Stauning Whisky boundary-breaking alcohol-free sparkling beverage TÖST and industry-leading barware brand Cocktail Kingdom.

Magrino Adds Three New Clients to Its Food & Beverage Division Stauning Whisky, Töst and Cocktail KingdomThe agency has been tasked to impart the distinctive specialties of each brand to the masses, leading overall PR strategy along with event and partnership consultation for amplified awareness plays. 

About Stauning Whisky:

Stauning is a distillery that blends Danish design with the art of whisky-making. Since 2005, Stauning has produced grain-to-glass Danish whisky from rye and barley grown a bicycle ride away from the distillery, a place of absolute tranquility on the West Coast of Denmark. 

By returning to the simplicity of its three ingredients – grain, yeast, and water – Stauning Whisky harnesses nature to capture the essence of its home whilst celebrating the collective effort involved in its creation. Stauning’s distillery is a modern Danish design icon, blending a mix of old- and new-world methods. Stauning whiskies are made from local grain and floor-malted in-house at the distillery. Distillation takes place in 24 small copper pot stills that are direct-fired to create complex flavours, adding weight and character to the whiskies. 

Founded by a group of nine friends with a passion for whisky who wanted to push the boundaries of whisky-making and create expressions reflective of their heritage with distinct Danish character, each bottle of Stauning is produced in the same spirit of collaboration, grounded in the humility and conviction of a community that understands the power of working as one. 

The signature Danish Rye Whisky is designed with simplicity and a respect for nature at its core. Deeply rooted in the land and cultural heritage of Denmark, Stauning’s Rye Malt Whisky is a true representation of Danish craftsmanship. 

About TÖST:

Founded in 2017, TÖST Beverages stands as a leader in the alcohol-free sparkling-beverage category. Created with inclusivity in mind, one of the brand’s founding principles is the belief that everyone should be able to celebrate their moments positively and inclusively. 

Carefully crafted using all-natural ingredients, TÖST provides a sophisticated drinking experience for those seeking a substantive beverage that is low-calorie and meaningful. So, when you’re looking for an elevated beverage to meet the occasion but don’t necessarily want alcohol, TÖST is there to answer the call. It can be enjoyed alone or alternatively used as a mixer to help elevate your favorite cocktails or mocktails. Most recently, TÖST was recognized as a FABI Favorite at the 2024 National Restaurant Association Show.

TÖST brought together a team of beverage and culinary experts to create a beverage that by design imparted some of the characteristics often found only in alcoholic beverages. It offers a refreshingly dry taste and balanced sweetness that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and is currently available in two different flavors: 

  • TÖST (white tea, cranberry, and ginger) 
  • TÖST Rosé (white tea, elderberry, and ginger) 

About Cocktail Kingdom:

As the world’s premier manufacturer and distributor of professional barware, their products combine historical cues, contemporary designs, and commercial durability to create elegant barware solutions for the professional bartender. 

Cocktail Kingdom began as a crucial resource during the early-aughts cocktail renaissance. Their founder, Greg Boehm, noted that bar professionals lacked access to the proper tools needed to hone the rapidly evolving craft. Working alongside bar professionals, adding a passion for history and obsessive attention to detail, they set out on an international hunt to fill this void. 

That drive for excellence, precision, and quality continues today.  Whether you are a seasoned bartending lifer or a home bartender, you will find the absolute best tools for the job at Cocktail Kingdom.

About Magrino

Magrino is an award-winning, preeminent lifestyle public relations and marketing agency which was recently named to the Observer’s Top 25 PR Firms in America 2024 for the 10th year in a row. The agency specializes in public relations, marketing, brand development, digital and social media marketing and communications for the world’s most revered luxury brands in travel, real estate, food, wine & spirits, fashion, beauty, health & wellness, home furnishings & design, and consumer goods. The agency combines breakthrough creative ideas, unparalleled strategic insights and intelligence to achieve marketing and business goals for every client. For more information visit www.magrinopr.com. 

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