March Communications launches podcasting-as-a-service for tech brands that want to be heard

by | Aug 17, 2020

March Communications, the tech PR agency behind the award-winning PR and marketing podcast Hacks and Flacks, announced the launch of In the Pod, a podcasting-as-a-service program for B2B and consumer tech brands that want to be heard.

Podcasting is growing by the day. In the U.S. alone, more than 100 million Americans age 12+ say they listen to podcasts every month. But the medium reaches much more than a general audience; 40 million Americans call themselves “avid listeners” of business and tech podcasts in particular.

While podcasts listeners are diverse in age and background, the medium is most popular among listeners between ages 25 and 34. This also happens to be a growing demo for tech buyers: around 73% of Millennials are now involved in tech purchasing.

“If you’re looking to reach the people who influence and make tech-buying decisions, podcasting is not a tool that you should be leaving on the table,” said Manny Veiga, Director of Content Strategy at March and host of Hacks and Flacks. “You don’t need to be a journalist or a comedian to podcast. Anyone can build a personal brand, reach engaged consumers, or share their expertise and ideas. The key is to stand out – there are more than a half million active podcasts, so you need a unique story, premise or format to cut through the noise and find your audience. That’s where we come in.”

In the Pod programs can be tailored to meet your specific business goals and fit your marketing mix. We can launch anything from a short-run miniseries that supports a timely campaign, to a weekly recurring series that serves as the idea engine for the rest of your content, comms and social media activities. We can also either train you to produce your own shows or handle all the heavy lifting ourselves—whichever fits your needs.

March delivers high-impact, measurable results for the world’s most innovative tech companies. Our in-house content team creates award-winning content programs that drive real business outcomes, including leads, revenue, market leadership, and even acquisition. We have the brand expertise, comms strategy, and technical skills to develop a smart, sophisticated show that delivers results.

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