Mower generates strong results for Helio Health’s TransformNation campaign

by | May 13, 2021

In the midst of a growing national mental health crisis, Central New York’s Helio Health set out to engage the communities it serves in the fight, inspiring them to be a catalyst for change through a message of action and hope. Mower’s healthcare marketing experts met the challenge through a powerful campaign for Helio Health centered on a clear call to action: Join the TransformNation™.

The TransformNation campaign was designed to shift mindsets from helplessness:

  • Addiction is a devastating problem that affects my friends, family and community and I don’t know what to do about it;

To action:

  • There’s something I can do. I can help make the hope and healing connection in our community.

Mower’s team deployed an integrated media campaign that included social media, programmatic display and out-of-home. All pointed to a landing page on Helio Health’s website where visitors were prompted to Join the TransformNation and engage through one of five actions: take the pledge, volunteer, donate, apply for a job with Helio Health, or train for a career in mental healthcare.

The campaign exceeded every benchmark, earning more than 9.6 million impressions, 48,517 clicks to the landing page, with 17,428 new users, 20,322 page sessions and 483,060 video views to completion.

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