MWWPR launches Social CEO Playbook to elevate senior executives online among key audiences

by | May 29, 2020

MWWPR announced the launch of its Social CEO Playbook to help companies in all sectors meet customer demand for greater transparency and dialogue from the businesses who products and services they buy, recommend, and support.

The Social CEO diagnostic and planning methodology leans into audience insights and behavioral analytics to create a customized social strategy for organizations’ most senior executives that prescribes a customized formula for an executive’s social presence, platforms, and profile.

Underpinning the offering is MWWPR’s analysis of leadership effectiveness in social, which resulted in the identification of four distinct archetypes that categorize executives’ social behaviors online: Observer, Engager, Advocator and Broadcaster. The archetypes are differentiated by the extent to which individuals drive dialogue and impact among key audiences based on current behaviors, and serve as the basis for a custom crafted strategy to create opportunities for meaningful conversations and engagements at scale with highly tailored content. The Social CEO offering also utilizes predictive analytics to monitor news and social conversation to ensure that stories and messages can be created and amplified in real-time, ultimately helping executives authentically own the right conversations, with the right audiences, at the right times.

Over the past few years, there has been a steady and significant rise in consumer demand for purpose-led brands, combined with increasing distrust in government and media, creating the opportunity and expectation for business leaders to publicly address societal issues and fill a the “trust void.” Consumers are also increasingly turning to companies as a primary source of information on important topics and placing their trust and expectations in companies to solve complex, societal problems. According to MWWPR’s proprietary CorpSumerTM research, visibility of the CEO and employer brand are among the top criteria for judging a company’s trustworthiness.

During a time of social distancing, consumers are fostering connections online with each other and brands more than ever. A recent survey by MWWPR found that a majority of consumers expect to hear from brand leadership about societal issues including but not limited to COVID-19, and executives’ messaging—or lack thereof—will impact purchase behaviors during and post-COVID. The Social CEO Playbook identifies the channels and conversations where brand leaders’ messaging will authentically reach and resonate with target audiences.

“As we embrace the importance of CEO and leadership visibility, we must also consider the notion that we can be both physically distanced, yet more connected than ever. Social distancing does not apply to social media but presents the ideal opportunity to foster greater, more valuable connections with all stakeholders now, which will pay dividends for years to come,” explained Rebecca Blinston-Jones, UK Managing Director at MWWPR. “Our diagnostic and planning methodology provides an easy to follow and authentic solution to executive eminence in the modern world, where cookie cutter social media practices will not do. The Social CEO Playbook unifies traditional corporate reputation strategies with innovative digital tools to reach stakeholders where they are today.”

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