New book from Lippe Taylor Group CEO Paul Dyer addresses the failures of advertising and new methods of engaging audiences

by | Jun 14, 2021

Friction Fatigue, a newly released book by Paul Dyer, CEO of Lippe Taylor Group, shows you why advertising is broken, how marketing and media are being consumerized, and what you can do to keep consumer interest. From Michael Bloomberg’s doomed presidential bid to the eruption of paid streaming, this thought-provoking read foundationally paints the picture of how five key trends have collided to drastically undermine the effectiveness of advertising.

Friction Fatigue, a newly released book by Paul Dyer, CEO of Lippe Taylor GroupDyer asserts that consumers have reached the breaking point where they will no longer tolerate advertisers interrupting and intruding upon them with ever-more invasive attempts to sway opinion and drive sales. Now, they are fighting back against the friction created by Big Advertising with ad blockers, ad-free subscriptions, and calls to regulate Big Advertising’s overreach. Dyer argues that marketing today—and tomorrow—will be on consumers’ terms, and provides a framework for the kind of frictionless marketing that consumers actually want to engage with.

“In this rapidly changing environment, companies are all trying to tap into different ways and resources to get a step ahead,” says Claudine Patel, CMO for Health at RB (Reckitt Benckiser), ”Paul has such a pulse on media and culture, present and future–his book is a future-proofing must-read.”

In its first week on sale, Friction Fatigue shot to the top of the Amazon best-seller list for Public Relations and was the number one hot new release for Media & Communications. Mikio Fujitsuka, Head of Consumer Care at Johnson & Johnson said, “[Paul’s] book, Friction Fatigue, provides great insight for people who want to stay on the cutting edge.”

About the Author

Paul Dyer has helped dozens of leading brands stay ahead of the curve and navigate the rocky media landscape of the last two decades. In Friction Fatigue, Paul shows you why advertising is broken and provides a frictionless marketing framework to help build your brand in an era in which advertising is no longer the answer. With a new wave of pandemic-accelerated disruption, you’ll learn how to gird your business against competitors and lead the pack with fresh marketing strategies. Featuring behind-the-scenes stories and expert insights, this book is your chance to prepare for a future in which the consumer rules.

Learn more about the book at frictionfatigue.com and pick up your copy on Amazon.com and all book retailers.

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