Newlink Acquires Leading Spain-Based PR Agency, Globally 

by | Apr 18, 2018

Newlink, an internationally recognized consulting firm based in Miami with offices throughout Latin America, announced the majority-stake acquisition of Globally Eventos y Comunicación SA, the third largest public relations agency in Spain. The joint venture propels the companies to become one of the largest communications firms serving Spanish-speaking markets internationally in terms of billings, clients and number of employees.

For Newlink, a leading agency in South Florida and one of the top 30 communications firms in the United States, the deal marks the company’s first step in its expansion strategy to Europe. With more than 300 employees and 200 clients between offices in the United States, Latin America and Spain, both firms will significantly enhance their service offering.

“There’s no better option than Globally to break into the Spanish market,” said Sergio Roitberg, Newlink’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Globally’s seamless integration and adoption of our methodologies, combined with their solid team of experts, strong leadership and more than 20 years of in-market experience, affirmed this was the right time and the right match for Newlink.”

Newlink will provide Globally with its proprietary methodology – Orbital Thinking, which champions that in today’s hyper-connected, chaotic and ever-changing world, there is only one way to sustainably reach goals: build a compelling Shared Purpose. This Shared Purpose rallies all stakeholders around it, unleashing true collaboration and transformational outcomes.

Furthermore, Globally can now count on Newlink’s experience in the areas of Insights, Health & Wellness and Tourism, among others. In turn, Globally will offer Newlink the ability of extending its capabilities beyond Latin America and the United States, in addition to enhancing the firm’s areas of expertise to include Beauty and Fashion. In Spain, the joint entity will operate as Newlink Consulting and Communications Spain.

Carlos Serantes and Olivier Vallecillo, Globally founding partners, will lead Newlink Spain, with executive partners María de la Puerta and Susana López overseeing the Fashion & Beauty practice as well as operations in Barcelona, respectively.

“Globally and Newlink share an unequivocal passion for their client’s business, creativity and a restlessness to always do better. I’m confident this union will further bolster our standing internationally and position us as one of the largest communication and public relations companies, while garnering access to new markets,” said Olivier Vallecillo, Chief Executive Officer of Newlink Spain.

“Globally has a history of more than 20 years in the Spanish market. We will continue to be a leader in the lifestyle, fashion and beauty sectors, while adopting Newlink’s Orbital Thinking methodology, strategic vision and innovative programs,” said Serantes, President of Newlink Spain. “We have a unique opportunity to combine our expertise in lifestyle and fashion with Newlink’s background in various sectors to expand beyond Spain’s borders and achieve new heights. “

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