North Sixth Group Acquires Global Rights to Historic Italian Publishing Brands America Oggi and Il Progresso; To Launch America Domani

by | May 25, 2022

North Sixth Group announced it has acquired the exclusive global rights to the leading Italian American newspaper America Oggi and invested in the revival of the historic Il Progresso Italo Americano (“Il Progresso”). Both will be integrated into a newly created digital community launching this summer called America Domani (“Tomorrow”).

America Domani will be launched in July 2022 as the leading digital media community for the 17 million Americans of Italian heritage and millions more who have a love and affinity for Italian culture. Staying true to the “Domani” name, which means “Tomorrow” in Italian, America Domani will showcase a wide array of engaging content centered on “Everything Italy”, including news, food and wine, culture, travel, comedy, success stories, entertainment and more.

Both America Oggi and Il Progresso will be integrated into America Domani as special sections. America Oggi will be published as a daily news and current events section with the latest updates from Italy. The Il Progresso section will feature historical content, vintage footage, interviews and interactive media chronicling the Italian American journey over the past centuries.

Il Progresso was founded in 1880 and for generations of Italian Americans, served as the most trusted and highly circulated daily newspaper, engaging millions of readers and leading advertisers from across the world. America Oggi was founded in 1988 and has grown to become the most popular daily Italian language newspaper in the world outside of Italy.

“Beginning in the 19th century, Il Progresso and America Oggi became indelible parts of the Italian American experience,” said Massimo Basile, renowned journalist for La Repubblica and other leading Italian publications. “North Sixth Group’s vision for America Domani will pave the way for current and future generations and the restoration of these historical titles within the platform will be a critical link to the heritage of brands that are as synonymous with the Italian American experience as any others in the world.”

Media industry veteran Al DiGuido has been appointed CEO & Publisher of America Domani. DiGuido’s career is highlighted by serving as Publisher of Ziff Davis’ Computer Shopper, which was the world’s largest PC magazine. He then founded Bigfoot Interactive, subsequently becoming CEO of Epsilon Interactive following its acquisition of Bigfoot for $120 million.

“As a proud Italian American, it is an honor to bring together Americans of all backgrounds who share a passion and love for Italy,” said Al DiGuido, CEO & Publisher of America Domani. “The history of Italy and the stories of the millions of Italians who have sacrificed to achieve the American Dream have been told through the pages of Il Progresso and America Oggi since the 1800’s. We will carry this legacy forward proudly as we marry them with America Domani to create the leading digital platform for future generations.”

“Regardless of blood lines, every American is proudly Italian in some way. Despite the mass influence and affinity for Italian culture, there is a longstanding void in serving this community through digital content,” said Matt Rizzetta, Chairman of North Sixth Group. “Our investment in America Domani is one of the most significant in the history of Italian American media as it will bring to life the beauty, authenticity and richness of Italian culture through two of the most historic brands that have been cherished by generations of Italians living abroad.”

The launch of America Domani is slated for July 2022. For all sponsorship and partnership matters, contact Al DiGuido, CEO & Publisher. For investor matters, contact George King, Vice Chairman of North Sixth Group or Matt Rizzetta, Chairman of North Sixth Group.


Launching in July 2022, America Domani will be the leading digital media community for “Everything Italy”. Created through the acquisition of rights to the historic America Oggi and Il Progress publications, America Domani features exclusive content catered toward the 17 million Americans of Italian descent, as well as the millions more who have an affinity for Italian culture.


America Oggi is the leading daily newspaper serving the Italian community abroad. America Oggi was founded in 1988 when journalists from Il Progresso Italo-Americano united to create a new daily publication. Since 1988, America Oggi has become the most trusted daily newspaper for Italians living abroad who want to stay connected to Italian news and culture.


Founded in 1880, Il Progresso Italo Americano (“Il Progresso”) was the leading daily newspaper for Italian Americans in the 19th and 20th centuries. Il Progresso chronicled the Italian American journey and played an important role in the households of millions of Italians living abroad.


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