Omnicom Public Relations Group introduces industry’s first analytics platform to validate impact of earned media on brand sales

by | Jan 22, 2021

Communicators and marketers have long sought a solution for the problem of evaluating the effectiveness of earned media on business outcomes with the same precision as paid media. That is now possible with the launch of Omnicom Public Relations Group’s (OPRG) patent-pending precision communications platform, omniearnedID™.

“Being able to consistently link earned media to sales is a game changer, not just for PR, but a company’s entire marketing picture,” said Erin Lanuti, chief innovation officer at OPRG. “For decades, communications leaders have been looking for ways to better understand their audiences and to create more precise programs at scale. We developed omniearnedID to give brands a serious edge through using data to connect the valuable PR-driven earned results back to the business.”

OmniearnedID marks a significant step forward for public relations, transforming communications from insights to strategy to creative and, ultimately, to outcomes. The platform provides valuable, anonymized information about the individuals who are consuming and reacting to a brand’s earned media content and links them to measurable business impacts, such as sales and brand reputation. With this intelligence, brands can measure campaign effectiveness and refine future earned content and channel strategies.

Built on Omnicom’s precision marketing and insights platform Omni, omniearnedID brings together OPRG’s unparalleled global communications expertise with dozens of top-tier data sources and unmatched technology from Omni. It can be applied to any industry such as consumer packaged goods, technology or health and wellness, as well as any communications discipline, including corporate reputation, crisis communications and influencer relations.

“When we launched Omni more than two years ago, the platform was designed to be distributed across Omnicom and not siloed in any one agency or network,” said Jonathan Nelson, CEO, Omnicom Digital. “By migrating OPRG to the group’s Omni platform, we are able to leverage data and directly link social to sales.”

While other analytics offerings in the public relations industry are limited to tracking individual metrics such as coverage, reach or engagement results of communications campaigns, omniearnedID was designed to solve specific challenges that have long confronted the earned media side of marketing and communications, including:

  • Proving the impact of earned media based on sales and brand health;
  • Quantifying the business impact of influencer campaigns;
  • Assessing the reach of a potentially damaging article or blog post;
  • Analyzing anonymized information about who is consuming earned media; and
  • Understanding current cultural trends and predicting future trends.

The omniearnedID platform is designed to comply fully with global data privacy regulations.

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