Osborn Barr Announces 11 New Hires and 6 Promotions

by | Jul 5, 2018

Osborn Barr (O+B | P) is continuing to grow with 11 new hire announcements and 6 promotions. New hires and promotions include:

Jeff Batte – Director of Digital Experience

Jeff Batte joins O+B | P as director of digital experience. In his new role, Jeff will work with the account team to identify digital opportunities, oversee the digital development team and enhance the overall digital experience offering. Batte will partner with clients to utilize digital techniques to achieve a competitive advantage through strategy, technology enterprise, operations and multi-channel interactions. Batte brings a wealth of digital agency experience in the areas of strategy and engagement from notable national agencies. Batte will leverage this experience when creating innovative solutions to elevate O+B | P as a digital leader in the industry

Laura Smith – Director

Laura Smith has been promoted from associate director to director at the St. Louis office of O+B | P. In her new role, Smith will continue to work closely with farmers elected for leadership positions on their communication needs, including speeches, columns, media interviews and more. She will also expand her role with internal communication efforts. Smith recently celebrated her 10th year with O+B | P.

Amanda Sayles – Project Manager

Amanda Sayles joins O+B | P as project manager. With more than 10 years of professional experience across a variety of industries, Sayles will support the Nashville office by managing tasks and delivery of projects through strategic processes and planning. Previously, she worked as executive coordinator for operations at Mint Julep Restaurants and worked independently as a marketing consultant, strengthening her skills in graphic design, webmastering and copywriting.

Sam Dean – Project Manager

Sam Dean joins O+B | P as project manager and will lead initiatives on one of the agency’s largest client accounts. As project manager, Dean will ensure successful delivery of projects through strategic management of tasks, timelines and communications. Previously, Dean worked as a project manager at Griffin Technology and will now leverage this valuable experience in his role at O+B | P.

Jillian Holdener – Director

Jillian Holdener has been promoted from associate director to director at O+B | P. In her new position, Holdener will lead various strategic executions on client accounts and help steer the account team at O+B | P. Holdener has extensive knowledge on both client accounts and business strategies for O+B | P, making her a key asset to the company.

Steve Kozel – Insights Director

Steve Kozel has been promoted from insights supervisor to insights director at O+B | P. In his new position, Kozel will lead research and reporting on the agency’s rural studies to reveal new opportunities and compelling information in the industry. Kozel offers diverse perspectives and new angles, allowing O+B | P to pinpoint the best strategies and drive the most significant results for clients.

Brian Reuwee – Director

Brian Reuwee joins the St. Louis office of O+B | P as a director. In his new position, Reuwee will lead the execution of innovative strategies for one of the agency’s largest clients. He brings a dynamic perspective to O+B | P from his background in marketing, communications and management at a professional services firm and trade association. Prior to O+B | P, Reuwee worked as director of communications and marketing at Agricultural Retailers Association.

Bri Gilomen – Associate Director

Bri Gilomen has been promoted from supervisor to associate director at O+B | P. In her new position, Gilomen will leverage her previously acquired strategic, calculated approach to further oversee client accounts. Gilomen is constantly implementing new tactics to make her clients stand out.

Dan Brindley – Creative Director

Dan Brindley joins the St. Louis office of O+B | P as creative director. In his new position, Brindley will lead the creative development and execution of visual communications for the agency. Brindley will leverage his experience with illustration, typography, photography, brand development and more to communicate compelling messages through unique approaches. Brindley previously worked as creative director at Paradowski.

Erin Boedeker – PR and Content Manager

Erin Boedeker has been promoted from marketing associate to public relations and content manager at O+B | P. In her new position, Boedeker will manage the overall PR and content marketing strategy for O+B | P, as well as lead the agency’s internal communications. Boedeker’s drive and dedication have allowed her to reach new heights in accomplishing goals

Sierra Thompson – Marketing Manager

Sierra Thompson has been promoted from account manager to marketing manager at O+B | P. In her new role, Thompson will manage all external and internal marketing initiatives, including the implementation of new programs and management of agency events. Driven by her natural passion, Thompson will help implement the O+B | P vision throughout the agency.

Ryan McMichael – Associate Creative Director

Ryan McMichael joins the St. Louis office of O+B | P as associate creative director. McMichael has nearly 20 years of experience working with a diverse range of clients and turning words into engaging content that drives measurable results. As associate creative director, McMichael will use his skills to create content that elevates brands and their relationships with target audiences. Prior to O+B | P, McMichael worked as a freelancer, developing his creative and copywriting skills.

Jo Anne Grammond – Associate Director

Jo Anne Grammond joins O+B | P as associate director on one of the agency’s largest client accounts. In her role, Grammond will use her marketing and communications expertise to create engaging content and provide overall account support for the client. Grammond brings a wide array of experience to O+B | P having previously worked for a diverse range of large and small companies.

Matthew Gray – Media Supervisor

Matthew Gray joins the Nashville office of O+B | P as media supervisor. In his new position, Gray will aid in coordinating the agency’s media efforts across all platforms. From media buying and budgeting to facilitating relationships and positioning brands in the marketplace, Gray will leverage his vast experience to secure optimal media opportunities for clients. Prior to O+B | P, Gray worked as senior media strategist and media buyer for Dunkin Donuts, TJ Maxx, Kia and more.

Courtney Schutt – Associate

Courtney Schutt joins the St. Louis office of O+B | P as an associate on one of the agency’s largest accounts. In her new position, Schutt will work closely with the client and the agency to oversee the deliverables and budgets for projects and ensure deadlines are met. Schutt will work with all disciplines in the agency to deliver the best results for the client. Schutt recently graduated from the University of Illinois–Springfield with a degree in communications and a minor in management.

Jessica Robinson – Group Director

Jessica Robinson joins the St. Louis office of O+B | P as group director for one of the agency’s largest client accounts. Robinson has nearly 20 years of experience in communications and public affairs and has been publicly recognized for her leadership skills, which she will continue to strengthen in her new role. She has extensive experience in media relations, crisis communications, project and personnel management, brand creation and strategic leadership. Robinson joins O+B | P from the National Biodiesel Board.

Jade Lorton – Associate

Jade Lorton joins the St. Louis office of O+B | P as an associate for one of the agency’s largest client accounts. Lorton recently graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in agricultural communications and was involved with Future Farmers of America (FFA) and Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow. Lorton previously worked as a student research assistant in plant pathology with a focus on soy research.

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