Osborn Barr | Paramore Wins National Addy Award

by | Jun 27, 2019

Osborn Barr | Paramore (OBP), a marketing communications agency with offices in Nashville, St. Louis and Kansas City, won a Gold ADDY at the National American Advertising Awards held in Hollywood, FL on June 7.

The award was for a poster fundraising campaign created by OBP for its client, War Horses For Veterans, a nonprofit organization that brings combat veterans from across the country together in a safe and peaceful environment. The award-winning campaign raised awareness for the organization’s mission, and the fact that they operate on 100 percent of donations.

“Working with War Horses for Veterans has been a privilege for our team as we’ve all been able to understand the military in an entirely new light and gain a huge level of respect for veterans who have served our country,” said Adnan Sabic, Chief Creative Officer of OBP. “We are thrilled to receive a national ADDY Award and hope it inspires people to research War Horses for Veterans and introduce the organization to family members, friends and neighbors who have served in the military.”

OBP is a full-service agency serving clients in the agriculture, tourism, health care, and education industries. The team of more than 150 is comprised of marketing professionals with broad experience developing and implementing strategic communications including digital, content, public relations, social, broadcast, creative and advertising.

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