Panoramic Raises $35 Million in Funding on Heels of New Marketing Intelligence Platform

by | Sep 13, 2019

Panoramic, an enterprise SaaS company, announced it raised $35 million in funding from notable investors such as Affinity Group, a TPG Growth company. This announcement comes alongside the unveiling of its breakthrough marketing intelligence platform. The platform simplifies the data collection process, automates powerful visualizations, and fosters collaboration for faster decisioning in a single location, eliminating the need for several disparate tools. At a time when the industry is seeing a string of acquisitions, Panoramic will use the new funds to grow existing markets, deepen brand and agency partnerships, and continue to invest in AI-powered solutions designed specifically for marketing analytics.

Panoramic is the result of a collaborative effort amongst entrepreneurs Peter Muzzonigro, Johnny Wong, and Bryan Baum, who sold each of his last two companies, Blue Vision Labs and Represent.com, for over $100 million.

The team of co-founders built a platform to solve the issues marketers face as a result of the growing amount of consumer data available and the significant investment required to maintain and make sense of that data. The platform simplifies the complexity of data collection and automatically creates custom visualizations that augment and empower each user to focus on creative strategy instead of manual collection. Panoramic streamlines into a single platform what is often siloed among several tools:

1) Unifies raw data from marketers’ most valued channels and streams it into a cloud warehouse
2) Models, maps, and organizes the data into meaningful insights displayed in pre-configured visualizations, and
3) Drives efficient decisioning for entire marketing teams and by making data social within the enterprise.

Panoramic’s platform augments the great minds of leading marketers across industries, including entertainment, e-commerce, technology, QSR and digital media agencies.

According to Julie Rieger, former President, Chief Data Strategist at 20th Century Fox, “The Panoramic platform knew exactly what information my team and I needed even before we did. It literally found the needle in the haystack and brought it to our attention, enabling us to shift the labor of building reports to thinking through and solving our marketing problems before there were any negative impacts on our campaign performance.” Continued Rieger, “We tried other tools but they couldn’t get us anywhere near the value that Panoramic delivered. We even attempted building our own solution in-house, but quickly realized we’d need an entire team to maintain a platform of this magnitude.”

The platform offers a ‘Collaboration’ chat feature that allows for immediate decisioning across teams and eliminates the manual process of exporting, attaching, and sending reports to various groups and threads. Panoramic enables individuals and teams to communicate in one platform, increasing efficiency, and creating time in their schedule to focus on strategy.

“We’ve spent years working with the best marketers in every vertical to develop this platform, learning early on that they simply weren’t getting what they needed from existing solutions,” said Peter Muzzonigro, co-founder of Panoramic. “Marketers were expected to map and model their own data – effectively needing to understand how to code to understand the value of their data. Panoramic solves that problem by providing marketers with a specially built platform that requires no coding and allows time-to-value to occur in days or weeks versus months.”

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