Philly Fighting COVID partners with Brownstein Group to develop COVID-19 vaccination campaign

by | Jan 15, 2021

Brownstein, one of the nation’s longest-running independent advertising and public relations agencies, has partnered with Philly Fighting COVID, an organization working at the frontlines of PPE production, COVID-19 testing, and vaccine administration in Philadelphia. Brownstein will develop a campaign to build confidence in the vaccine and vaccination process, in order to help citizens in Philadelphia’s highly diverse communities and neighborhoods get vaccinated and reach local herd immunity.

“We hope to leverage our deep-rooted understanding of our home city to deliver powerful public service messages to the community,” said Marc Brownstein, President and CEO of Brownstein. “Philly Fighting COVID represents the unrelenting, hands-on community values of Philadelphia, and our partnership represents one of the most significant endeavors in our agency’s history. Together we will work to help end the pandemic, because Philly doesn’t mess around.”

Philly Fighting COVID was founded at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 by a group of scientists, engineers, and students looking to find local solutions for Philadelphia’s efforts to combat COVID-19. After successfully producing thousands of PPE units for local hospitals, and operating free COVID-19 testing services in the city, Philly Fighting COVID has been contracted by the City of Philadelphia to manage local vaccine administration, which includes storage, appointment scheduling and registration, vaccination, follow up, and marketing communications.

Last Friday, the City of Philadelphia and Philly Fighting COVID announced the opening of the city’s first mass-inoculation clinic. The facility was designed to ensure maximum safety, efficiency, and patient privacy, and is intended to serve as ascalable model. Its opening received national coverage as a pioneering model for future mass-inoculation clinics across the city and country.

The organization now faces the logistical and communications challenges of delivering informative messaging that will encourage Philadelphians to commit to vaccination. Recent studies show that Black and Latino communities, as well as the 45-64 age group, are less likely to intend to get vaccinated than other demographics. Brownstein will develop a campaign to build confidence in the vaccine using bold creative execution and mass media communications strategies focused on delivering relevant messaging across all of Philadelphia’s diverse demographics. The project will include public relations, social media and influencer marketing, and traditional and digital advertising.

“The vast scale and scope of the marketing campaign necessitated a partner that was both knowledgeable of the area and its people, and capable of an ambitious, inclusive, multi-disciplinary, and multi-channel approach,” said Andrei Doroshin, Founder and CEO of Philly Fighting COVID. “That’s why we partnered with Brownstein—we know they have what it will take to accomplish our mission of reaching everyone who wants a vaccine in Philadelphia, and they will be with us as we move to other cities—including Miami—in the future.”

The integrated campaign will inform Philadelphians of the vaccine’s safety; encourage vaccination appointments; provide information on where, when, and how to get the vaccination; and build civic solidarity and hope for a time after COVID-19.

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