Phytest and PRTCL engage Trevelino/Keller to launch new lines of business

by | Dec 2, 2020

Trevelino/Keller, a full-service, digital public relations and marketing firm, announces today two new Atlanta-based client partnerships, with Phytest and PRTCL respectively.

For Phytest, the agency partnership will support the brand as it builds awareness and launches an updated website, highlighting new revenue cycle management (RCM) services for laboratories. The company’s RCM technology is designed to maximize revenue and profitability, streamline billing, and provide visibility into financial performance.

“Phytest’s partners operate more efficiently and receive payments sooner. We’ve been providing labs and physicians superior solutions for more than 20 years, and Trevelino/Keller’s similarly long history supporting leaders in healthcare and technology makes them the ideal partner as we continue to grow and evolve,” explains David Crane, founding partner of Phytest.

For PRTCL, Trevelino/Keller will partner to launch the nation’s first collection of sports nutrition supplements specifically formulated for women.

“The reality of sports nutrition supplements today is that products marketed to women are just generic formulas in pink packaging. PRTCL is flipping that model on its head,” says Donna Burke, PRTCL brand manager. “As a woman-owned agency with a roster full of female-focused clients, it was clear that Trevelino/Keller is the kind of partner we can count on to power our brand awareness efforts in the female marketplace.”

The respective partnerships are just the latest in what promises to be a very strong year for the Atlanta leader in healthcare and technology public relations, communications and digital strategy.

“We are especially drawn to partnerships with organizations that are shifting paradigms. Whether we’re talking about the women-led companies’ intent on changing their industry like PRTCL, or the emerging health disrupters like Phytest, our agency is purpose built to be a single provider for the entire spectrum of digital agency needs,” notes Genna Keller, Principal at Trevelino/Keller. “We’re uniquely poised to help each of our new partners to take the next step in elevating industry reputation, and we can’t wait to roll out our playbook and start seeing results.”

According to industry rankings, Trevelino/Keller ranks #1 in Healthcare and #3 in Technology in Atlanta.

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