Portland Pet Food Names SRW Digital Agency of Record

by | Sep 13, 2018

SRW, an independent, full-service marketing agency with a penchant for growing natural health and wellness brands, today announced it has partnered with Portland Pet Food Company to build national brand recognition of its line of all natural, hand-crafted pet food and treats. The agency’s work for Portland Pet Food will focus on targeted digital media to drive online awareness and ecommerce sales, and promote the brand’s growing distribution in the Natural grocery and Independent Pet Specialty channels.

“We’ve followed SRW’s work for a while and have seen the agency’s success helping other natural food brands drive online and retail sales. As we launch our products in stores we know SRW is the perfect partner to help us connect with passionate pet owners who want to feed their dog as well as they feed themselves,” said Kate McCarron, Founder and CEO, Portland Pet Food Company.

In addition to Portland Pet Food, SRW recently added Fonterra and a new CBD brand to its roster of natural products clients. The agency secured packaging and logo redesign work for New Zealand-based Fonterra’s Anchor line of premium cheese products, scheduled to launch in the U.S. in 2019. The agency is working with Anchor to help rethink how U.S. consumers interact with their brand, with a focus on its organic cheese products.

The agency was selected to help launch a new cannabidiol (CBD) brand, marking SRW’s entry into one of the hottest categories in the natural products space. The agency is responsible for the full scope of the CBD brand launch, including naming, logo and packaging design, messaging architecture, website, and the marketing and public relations strategy.

“Starting work with a new client is always exciting, but the addition of these three brands has really energized our agency in 2018. While they are very different companies, they share a common theme—each is pushing boundaries in a major way,” shared SRW founder, Kate Weidner. “From bringing a celebrated New Zealand cheese brand to the crowded U.S. market, to rethinking modern medicine, we relish the opportunity to use our experience to help each client upset the apple cart and grow their bottom line.”

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