Propulsion PR Announces Rebrand to Propulsion Agency

by | Sep 20, 2021

Propulsion PR, a full-service media and strategic communications company, unveiled a comprehensive rebrand as Propulsion Agency. The change reflects the agency’s commitment to ensuring its clients receive a blend of all forms of modern communication and media services to propel their stories forward and push the boundaries of traditional public relations.

The agency’s new identity is aligned with the company’s unrivaled ability to individually tailor services for clients that have proven to be indispensable for positioning brands, especially during unpredictable times such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded by award-winning journalists Lucas Seiler and Cristina Pfeffer, Propulsion Agency has built and managed customized campaigns spanning media relations and training, internal and external communication, digital marketing, video production, reputation management, message development, as well as public speaking training and speech writing.

These services empowered clients to effectively launch new companies, meet business goals, and communicate their stories through a variety of media and communication strategies, such as media conferences and profile stories in major publications, marketing videos to reach their prospective audiences, internal communication management to address business and messaging initiatives among staff, and more.

“This is not simply an exterior image change, but rather a fundamental evolution to align our company with where the communications industry is heading and with the capabilities our talent continually delivers,” said Lucas Seiler, CEO and founder of Propulsion Agency. “Through our journalism experience and track record of providing clients with truly integrated communications campaigns that emphasize video and online presence, we’re able to stay ahead of trends and uphold our reputation for nimbleness.”

In 2021 alone, Propulsion Agency has launched winning campaigns for vegan brands and organizations across the globe, companies within the design and construction industry, technology, real estate, healthcare, legal, as well as the nonprofit and issue advocacy space.

To learn more about how Propulsion Agency can deliver proven ROI across a wide variety of services, visit www.propulsion.agency.

About Propulsion Agency

Propulsion Agency is a full-service media and communications agency born from journalism executing impactful storytelling to raise voices and build brands. It produces winning campaigns through branding and messaging, media relations, digital marketing, video production, public speaking and speech writing, internal and external communication, and more. It represents some of the biggest names in veganism, design and construction, healthcare, and real estate sectors.

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