Purple Penguin PR Hired by Events.com

by | Mar 11, 2021

San DiegoPurple Penguin PR (PPP) was recently tapped by Events.com to provide
international media relations. The agency will develop a campaign that focuses on public
relations as well as community outreach.

Events.com provides the software platform that powers event management, ticketing,
registration, sponsorship, discovery and marketing for millions of events around the globe
annually in sectors including live concerts, festivals, corporate events, fundraising events, art
shows and more. It offers end-to-end management solutions, including participant lead
generation, merchandise sales, managing sponsorship and marketing.

Events.com was co-founded by Mitch Thrower and Stephen Partridge. Thrower is a 22-time
Ironman athlete and serial entrepreneur who previously co-founded Active.com, a company
that went public and later private…selling twice for over a billion dollars. At one point an
Olympic hopeful, Partridge is a successful entrepreneur with an impressive track record.
Partridge ran one of the world’s largest equipment sites and magazines and was a pioneer in
the web-to-print movement. He also led EventsOnline.ca to be Canada’s dominant market
player. In addition, Stephen is an integral part of Startup Canada, which supports
entrepreneurs across Canada.

PPP will showcase Events.com’s innovations, new partnerships, acquisitions and technologies
that are setting the standard for the event industry worldwide. Events.com powers a global
event management SaaS platform, event discovery, on-site check-in, event sponsorship, event
marketing and more.

“I’ve worked with Ray Drasnin and his PR teams for more than 20 years now. He has
showcased many business ventures and done so with professionalism, poise and unparalleled
results. He understands the entrepreneur mindset and is a tenacious publicist who doesn’t
take no for an answer. We have an excellent relationship based on mutual trust and admiration,” stated Thrower.

Purple Penguin PR agency owner, Ray Drasnin, states, “We are proud to represent
Events.com. I’ve known Mitch for decades and his skill sets miraculously keep expanding. He
is able to identify trends long before they happen and consistently finds and fills voids in the
marketplace. Mitch builds unicorns and media outlets respond favorably to his ventures.
Stephen Partridge is the perfect business partner for Mitch and brings tremendous business
acumen to the table. Together, these two will build the next billion-dollar entity that tantalizes
Wall Street and investors.”

About Purple Penguin PR

Purple Penguin PR is a progressive PR agency that produces high-impact “feel-good” stories
on behalf of its clients. The nationally recognized, award-winning firm has represented
celebrities, professional athletes, Fortune 500 companies and some of the nation’s most
prominent entrepreneurs. Purple Penguin PR is the brainchild of Ray Drasnin, a 30-year
veteran publicist who lives in and pitches from San Diego, CA.

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