Purple Penguin PR (PPP) was recently tapped byC. Todd Halterman, one of the nation’s most highly regarded wealth management advisors.

Halterman’s firm, PCP Consulting, based in Richland, WA is dedicated to bringing financial confidence to people’s life, with the purpose of preserving & protecting their values. Halterman’s teams specializes in a number of unique programs including Our Forever Friends Pet Protection Plan, a simple solution to care for your companion when you no longer can and Active 4 Life, a program created for seniors that inspires and empowers a community of retirees to come together with a purpose of togetherness. Other programs Halterman has developed include Mastering Your Divorce and and Disinheriting the IRS.

PPP will develop and implement a national public relations campaign focused on media relations and a series of community outreach programs for Halterman who has built one of the largest private wealth management firms in the country. The agency is likewise dedicated to rolling out Halterman’s numerous multifaceted financial planning strategies nationwide.

Purple Penguin PR agency owner, Ray Drasnin, states, “Todd Halterman is an American hero who served his country in the US Navy in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Strike and was later a fulltime firefighter and EMT in his hometown. I’m proud to call Todd a friend and excited to help share his story on the national media stage.”

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