Racepoint Global Launches New Thought Leadership Practice, “Viewpoint”

by | Dec 7, 2017

Racepoint Global, an integrated global marketing company, announced today the launch of a Thought Leadership Practice, Viewpoint. The practice will analyze key business and social issues and provide important strategic context for the client campaigns the company delivers.

The practice will be rolled out on a global scale, and will be led by Executive Vice President, Jeff Grogan. Jeff will be joined by Racepoint’s leadership team and other professionals from its offices in the United States, China and Europe.

“I am pleased to be heading up the Thought Leadership Practice and look forward to working with my Racepoint colleagues and our clients in this important endeavor,” said Grogan. “Today, market knowledge and the ability to combine business strategy and communications expertise are increasingly important. Viewpoint will be a great vehicle to share our ideas and those of our clients and industry peers, and create a voice around which constituent groups can rally. Our goal is to provide leadership for the public good, and to create a path forward for our business and the businesses of the clients we serve.”

The Viewpoint team recognizes that technology, at the core of Racepoint’s vertical expertise and history, is changing every industry. Racepoint is leveraging this knowledge to deliver a new kind of strategic communications that it believes will serve the company and its clients well.

“It is a time of uncertainty around the globe, but it is also a time to pinpoint messaging and focus on judicious communications.” said Peter Prodromou, President and CEO of Racepoint Global. “Effective communications firms need to understand how to navigate brands through these kinds of completely different climates. That is where we are going to focus our business moving forward.”

Through Viewpoint, Racepoint will focus on some of today’s most pressing issues. These include:

  • The responsibility of technology and media firms in the information era
  • The role of ethics in healthcare and life sciences
  • The recapitalization of the U.S. economy by leading technology companies and the need for programs that speak to skills development and job creation, workplace diversity, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • The China Gateway, addressing topics of interest concerning international expansion efforts of both Chinese and US companies

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