Rachel Harrison Communications named AOR for Urban Cowboy brand & sister property, The Dive Motel

by | Nov 18, 2020

Rachel Harrison Communications has been named the agency of record for the Urban Cowboy brand and sister property, The Dive Motel in Nashville.

In May of 2014, Lyon Porter and Jersey Banks created Urban Cowboy Brooklyn and it exploded into an international sensation in the first six months there were open. Soon, their home became a staple of Brooklyn culture– A place where big ideas went to grow and life-long friends were made. “The Cowboy” expanded to Nashville and continued to evolve into the special community of friends and creatives, coming from all over the world to enjoy the experiential design and community that is drawn to the spaces. With locations in some of the country’s most exciting hotspots for creativity and natural beauty, the Urban Cowboy brand has become synonymous with unforgettable memories and inspired design.

As the sister property of the Urban Cowboy brand, The Dive Motel offers 23 one of a kind rooms that each come with a signature ‘Party Switch’ that spins a Disco Ball to the tunes of “Dive Radio”, consisting of 4 channels: Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll and Sleep. The Dive Motel’s guests also enjoy complimentary access to The Dive Bar & Pool, located right outside their door.

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